The Rise of Android Trojan & Why it Matters in Miami

Android is surely leading the way and continue to soar with the highest adoption rate for android rate based mobile devices in the world. As per a research firm, Strategy Analysis found that more than 200 million of smartphone shipped in 2013-14 were Android based. This humongous customer base is ever rising since the discovery of android operating system. However, this massive user buyer has surely caught up the attention of infamous cyber criminals, who have kept eye on illegally obtaining personal information of phone owners.

If one go by online statistics, in 2016, malicious installation packages infected more than 8 million smartphone users. Unfortunately, the statistics have not dropped instead have increased because of the operating system. Geographically speaking, the nations with the highest number of Trojans and malware attacks were Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, China, and Iran.

The biggest malware threat to Miami business owners of 2016 was Trojans. Trojans is a type of virus that allows the cybercriminals to; secretly install the unwanted applications, advertisements and other events on the infected device. The biggest problem with Trojans is that it attacks vulnerable android smartphones patched in the newer versions. As most of the user’s don’t feel the need to update their system or applications, making them susceptible to Trojans and other malware threats.

As the malware installs the module directly in the system directory, it makes difficult to provide a remedy for the situation. There are some Trojans, like, Backdoor.AndroidOS.Triada, which even allows the hackers to alter text messages sent by other applications and steal the money from the android smartphone owner. Normally, hackers demand more than $200 to unlock or amend a device, infected by Trojan-Ransom.AndroidOS.Fusob and Trojan-Ransom.AndroidOS.Congur.

Many feel that having a malware or Trojan is not the crisis; however, if you do not pay attention to the problem at right time, you may even end up shedding money twice as your thought to be. There are more than 50 applications infected by, a new modification of One needs to be technically aware of the type of Trojans and ways to avoid malware activities on the smartphone.

The best way to avoid Trojans and malware on your Miami business phone is when downloading any application stick to the legitimate app store like, google play, amazon app store or Samsung app store. Nevertheless, while downloading be aware of suspicious applications with bad reviews or odd permissions. Always download applications from authorized developers. One can go to security in phone settings and enable ‘verify apps’ option to let the phone use malware detecting software automatically. This feature is available on all smartphones and considered as the best way to avoid Trojans by developers.

Furthermore, always check for any software update available on your phone to keep your applications and smartphone up-to-date and check for any bug fixes or software improvements. Not surprisingly, however, clever Trojans-makers can be, there is always a way out, which is being aware and alert of any suspicious activity on your android smartphone. Therefore, apply caution and entertainment in equal measure. Visit here to learn more about our Network security solutions!