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Big Movie Releases for June

If you’re looking to go to the movies in June, you couldn’t have picked a better month! There are several hot new releases coming out that will amaze and entertain you.


Entourage – June 5

This sequel to the seven-season hit series shows us the return of movie star Vincent Chase as well as that of his boys Eric, Turtle and Johnny. They are back in business with Ari Gold, their agent turned studio head and are getting ready to shoot the movie of a lifetime amid a colorful cast of characters playing…themselves.


Spy – June 5

In this comedy, Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy, The Heat, Bridesmaids) is an unassuming analyst at the CIA who volunteers for a dangerous mission with global consequences after all “real” agents have failed to complete it.


Jurassic World – June 12

Set ten years after the first Jurassic Park film, Isla Nublar is a popular and successful dinosaur theme park. Visitor rates are declining, however, and executives Vincent D’Onofrio (Run All Night, Mail) and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Rec) decide to try something new, which backfires horribly…


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – June 12

In this independent teen drama, a young aspiring high school filmmaker and his best friend befriend a classmate with leukemia. The story chronicles this tale of hope and sadness in an upbeat tempo that will pluck the audience’s heartstrings.


Inside Out – June 19

This Pixar film tells the story of the emotional journey of a young girl as she moves in to a new house, from the perspective of her emotions! See how Riley copes with her new surroundings in San Francisco as she navigates her home and school life.


Dope – June 19

Narrated by the soothing sounds of Forest Whitaker’s voice, this story tells the tale of Malcolm, a geek living in the rougher part of Inglewood, a rough part of Los Angeles. Through a series of unfortunate events he and two friends are thrust into a strange adventure that, while dangerous, could prove to Malcolm the kind of man he may eventually become.


Manglehorn – June 19

In this drama, Al Pacino (Heat, the Godfather) is Manglehorn, a small-town locksmith who is trying to start his life over. Left heartbroken by a woman decades ago, he makes a new friend and is able to see life differently and in a positive light once again.


Ted 2 – June 26

Mark Wahlberg (The Departed, Pain & Gain) and his foul-mouthed teddy bear are back in this sequel to the 2012 comedy. In this installment, Ted is happily married but will have to prove his fitness to be a father to a judge. Hilarity ensues.

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