Data Protection is good for CPA Firms

In 2018, you can find data hacks and attackers just about everywhere online. With all the cyberattacks that happened in 2017, it just seems like no website or company will be safe in 2018. This is why finding the right services that offer data protection in Miami is a very good idea. Ransomware and hackers in particular are hitting healthcare, finance and even educational companies all over the world. Not only that, but even the CPA firms aren’t safe. Here’s a quick list to show you why you should check out Nerds Support: IT support for CPA firms in Miami.

Data protection keeps hackers from taking advantage of human errors

Whether you like it or not, human errors can appear from time to time in just about any business. And yes, they can lead to lots of downtime. Hackers will wait for such an error to appear and they will immediately gain access to your business information. If you don’t store your information adequately, hackers will just attack your business, and that can lead to a huge set of problems in the long term. Nerds Support can help you handle the company information. We can offer dedicated business IT support and data protection.

Data protection makes you less prone to viruses

Viruses are very bad for your business, as they open up the door to attackers. If you want your company to grow and shine, you need to use the best antivirus protection. Our Data Protection team at Nerds Support can help you achieve those goals rather quickly, with results that will impress you quite a lot.

Nerds Support saves you money

Business IT Support at Nerds Support was created with a single premise, and that is to offer you the best IT support Miami and data protection services that you can find on the market. The best part is that you can obtain all those results without paying top of the line prices. That accessibility brings in front the ultimate value for your money.

Data protection keeps your company in compliance with the law

Thanks to Nerds Support, you receive the best data protection that’s compliant with the Florida information protection act of 2014. This is extremely helpful, and it offers the value and quality you want. Plus, you get to make sure that the client information is safe. It’s a lot easier to avoid any potential lawsuits this way too. And, the most important thing, this way you can create powerful business relationships with each client.

Data protection ensures that your data is protected

In 2017, a lot of companies had a very hard time protecting their data. Experts say that this is not likely to change in 2018. But no matter what year it is, Nerds Support can help in this situation. Our company does daily data backups, and we also store your data in an undisclosed location which has the best security services on the market.
If you want to make sure that your company data is safe, contact Nerds Support right away. Our dedicated data protection service is suitable for all businesses regardless of their industry. If you want to make sure that your CPA firm obtains incredible results, just call Nerds Support now and start off your new year by keeping your company data safe!


Three Things Your IT Strategy needs for 2018

As we go into 2018, we remember the cyberattacks that defined 2017. In fact, if your company experienced any downtime in 2017, it was highly likely that you were not alone. The following companies were affected by cyberattacks in 2017

  • Whole Foods
  • Equifax
  • Deloitte
  • Yahoo

This doesn’t even begin to talk about other major breaches in cyber security, which you can read about right here. But nonetheless, the message is clear: cybercrime is at an all-time high and it shows no signs of slowing down.

For 2018, our Business IT Support team at Nerds Support is making it their resolution to keep providing their clients with the best IT services in Miami and to give prospective clients a new IT Strategy, designed to make their businesses efficient.

If you are looking to plan an IT strategy for your business, then the following three components are key to making your business safer in 2018.

Data Backups:

In June, 2017, Ransomware ignited a new fear within business owners. For months, business owners without an IT strategy imagined what they would do if their company was under a ransomware attack.

  • Should they pay the fine and hope the hacker would return the files?
  • Should they find someone to help them?

They struggled to make a solid choice.

Nerds Supports clients, on the other hand, did not have to make such a choice. Not only did our 24/7 IT Support team carry extensive knowledge on how to take down such malware, but Nerds Support also conducts daily backups. This means that at the end of the work day, Nerds Support always saves a copy of all your company data. That way, if something happens the next day, at least you still have the data from the previous work day. Having a data backup plan not only makes a company feel safer, but also guarantees their company safety.

Cloud Security:

When our IT support team explains cloud solutions to our clients, we always drive the point that the cloud’s strongest advantage is the security that cloud solutions provides. Nerds Support’s data centers are heavily monitored and constantly scanned to make sure your company files stay safe. Our Business IT Support team also makes sure your company files are secure, so you may work from any place, at any time, with complete ease. Our cloud ran efficiently with no problems in 2017 and it is just as ready to take on Cyber Security in 2018.

Business Continuity:

During 2017, South Florida hit a major setback with Hurricane Irma. Businesses were left in the dark for anywhere between days up to weeks, leaving business owners anxious to get back to work. But at Nerds Support, all the company’s clients were able to continue running their business through the hurricane. This was because Nerds Support’s servers were running at 100% capacity before, during and after the hurricane. That meant that nothing happened to all of our clients’ company data and even if their workplace was inaccessible, employees could have just opened their laptops from other locations and resumed working.


If you want to have a business IT strategy for 2018, you need to make sure it includes the following:

  • Data Backups
  • Cloud Security
  • Business Continuity

As a business owner, it’s easy to understand why developing an IT strategy from scratch can be difficult. But Cyber security in 2018 is going to be so important, that it will be irresponsible to not have an IT Strategy on hand. The good news is that with Nerds Support, developing an IT strategy is as simple as making a phone call or visiting a website. Nerds Support’s clients were some of the most secure businesses of 2017 and our Business IT Support team is ready for anything 2018 has in store. Call us today to see how you can kick off your year with a customized IT strategy.

What is Social Engineering and why Hackers Depend on It?

Are you trying to protect your business from any data leaks or other potential issues? Then the best thing you can do is to understand what social engineering is and how hackers can use it to manipulate your business. Among others, this trick is used successfully by thousands of hackers all over the world. If your company security is weak, you may be very likely to fall victim to an inside cyberattack. So, let’s find out what is social engineering and how business IT solutions can help you deal with it!

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is an art designed to manipulate people into giving up confidential information. Most of the time, social engineering is performed by a rogue employee. These employees are hackers that try to get access to personal accounts, bank accounts, passwords, and so on. These hackers can also secretly install malicious software with the idea of acquiring all this information without anyone’s consent.
Obviously, you want to deal with this type of problem as fast as you can. What you can do is assess the situation, identify any malware or unwanted software installed on your company computers and so on. And, of course, you want to avoid disclosing any important information to anyone, regardless of who they are or who they say they are! In the meantime, you can also rely on IT Support Services to keep your clients happy while you deal with the attacker!


One of the best methods to deal with such a problem is to see whether the people you hired are who they say they are. You will note that some con artists end up creating fake IDs to get hired into a company like yours and steal data. That’s why it can be a very good idea to verify the identity and previous history of your hires. That will make the process easier and less problematic as well! Or you can opt for the best Business IT Solutions to deal with such issues!


Your company is going to receive visitors from time to time. If you want to avoid social engineering, you need to integrate some security policies that will prevent them from accessing relevant data. On top of that, it’s important to research visitors and verify their credentials, just to be safe. You should listen to them very carefully. While there, don’t leave them alone. That’s definitely something you want to avoid.

Rouge Employees

What are rogue employees? These are employees that are set to undermine the organization which hired them in the first place. These rogue employees will either fail to comply with business policies and rules, or they will break the rules and share company secrets with third parties to get a profit! You do need proper IT Services Miami to eliminate any type of risks like this, and the results can be more than impressive in the end!

Report suspicious activity

If you see any suspicious activity, it’s crucial to report that right away. Tell your boss or any authority in the company. Even if they don’t believe you at first (you should have evidence), this will open up an investigation at the very least.


Nerds Support is here to provide you with a stellar way of combating social engineering. We have the private servers and tight security measures you need to protect company data, thus offering you the best IT Support Miami services on the market. You get security at the doors of the data center; everyone needs ID cards to access your data and visitors need credentials and previous approval to get in. Nerd Support offers high-quality business IT solutions and security measures that you can rely on. Just get in touch with our team, and you will have no problem eliminating any social engineering attempts!

Cloud Services for CPA Firms

How Cloud Services for CPA Firms Can Leverage Your Business

Investing in reliable technologies can definitely help your CPA firm grow. In fact, more and more accountants and business owners turn to technology to lower the workload and properly manage their tasks. In recent years, the rise of Quickbooks has given CPA firms the incentive to move their business online and the advantage of building stronger customer relationships. When cloud services for CPA firms have offered CPA firms the chance to move their businesses online, they have reported that:

  • Business has become more efficient
  • Their employees has become mobile and, as a result, more flexible
  • The firms have become more secure

With Nerds Support’s cloud solutions and Quickbooks hosting, you would have all the Cloud Services for CPA firms and the best IT Support Miami team in your hands. It kind of makes you wonder: what other benefits can your CPA firm receive from using cloud solutions?

You get to create a stellar IT infrastructure without worrying about high costs

In fact, if your CPA firm hires the best IT Services Miami, you can get some of the best results on the market fast and easy. Using the cloud allows you to avoid costs like hardware acquisition and maintenance. Not only that, but the power consumption costs are reduced as well. The cloud service provider deals with all of those overhead costs; you just get the desired service!

Transitioning to a paperless office

Another great benefit is that your CPA firm will get to transition to a paperless office experience. You don’t need to print documents all the time, instead documents can easily be transferred and modified online, all thanks to cloud services.

Improved productivity

By using cloud services, you can access your information and files from any location. This helps boost your productivity since you can work from anywhere in the world. You just need to have a constant internet connection, that’s the only requirement. Plus, your data is kept online at any time, and you are the only person to remove it when needed.

Increased security

Security is a major issue for a CPA firm. You get to handle sensitive data, and that’s why you have to rely on high quality IT services that will boost your local security. Doing that can be easy if you use cloud solutions. These are reliable, professional and they help you secure your documents off-site as well. So, there will always be a backup of your data off-site, and no one will be able to access it (nor will they know where it is).

There’s no need to create an entire IT services department

Yes, instead of spending a lot of money on such a department, you just opt for proper business IT support and other services from the cloud solutions provider. The costs are a lot lower, and you still receive the same expertise and professionalism. Plus, this is a complete package that helps your company increase its productivity as a whole.

The best way to plan your company’s growth

Another advantage for CPA firms comes from the scalability offered by cloud services. If you need to expand your business, then you will not have a problem getting a better technology infrastructure. And the best part is that you know all the costs upfront, there are no hidden fees.

If you want to move your company to the cloud, Nerds Support is here to help. Thanks to our Cloud Services, you will have no problem moving your business to the cloud and optimizing your infrastructure. From here to taking your business to the next level and getting the very best IT services or business IT support it will be one single step!

To find out more information, please fill out a contact form here or call 305-551-2009.

IT Support Miami

Three Essential Tools For IT Support Miami

In order for a company to grow, it needs to try and expand as much as it can. But to do that, you would need to have the right IT Support Miami services. You also need the reliable software that will help your business become more productive. In fact, each business should consider harnessing the power of software right away. These technologies are fast, efficient and can bring in tremendous benefits!

What tools are essential for your company?

Usually, it all comes down to the industry you are working in. Some industries rely a lot on cloud tools, others just use a single software tool, but there are companies that harness the power of both paid and free tools to complete their tasks. However, things are different when it comes to support solutions. Doing IT support does come with its own set of challenges, but if you need this type of service, there are a few important services that you have to take into consideration. These include VMware, Citrix and office 365.

Nerds Support can help you gain access to all of these amazing software tools in no time. Not only that, but we provide you with a great, creative way to integrate these tools into your business process. This way, you can solve any type of support problem in no time, and the results can be outstanding.

VMware Support

VMware is a very important business specialized in modernizing data centers, offering modern and high-quality apps that help bring in front unique new ways to boost the security of your business.

What makes VMware great is the fact that it can help you protect your company’s files very fast. When the Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, more commonly known as the KRack attacks, were bought to light, VMware were one of the few software that was completely unaffected by these attacks. The primary benefit of this company, in particular, is its unique virtualization system that allows you to easily prevent any potential problems that may appear within your business and the results can be more than impressive in the end because of that.

Plus, with help from the best IT Support Miami services, you can eliminate any security issues that may appear. Another great thing is that VMware offers distinct solutions for any industry, such as manufacturing, retail, communications, government, finances, manufacturing and so on. That makes it extremely efficient and one of the best ways to integrate file security and business security ideas within your business!

The solutions offered by IT Support Miami are great for desktop and app virtualization.  You can also get enterprise mobility management tools, internet of things features, and network functions virtualization. It also includes cloud management platforms and many other great features as well.

Why would you use this type of support tool? Not only does it help you adequately protect your business, but the return on investment is very good. Nothing will be able to access your crucial business data, and the fact that you can keep your company files secure is amazing in its own right.

Citrix support

If you want to use some of the best IT Support Miami tools, then you want to opt for Citrix for sure. Citrix is a tool that allows clients the ability to work from any place, any desired device and at any given time. All the tasks and information that you have on your current screen is automatically transferred to the new device that you plan on using. There’s no need for transfers or anything like that which would normally require manual input.

With Citrix, everything is done manually. However, the results are among some of the best that you can find out there. It’s one of the best ways you can further expand your productivity without a lot of hassle. And yes, the best part about using these tools is that you can feel free to modify their benefits as you want. It’s outstanding, easy to take into consideration and the value on its own is astonishing for sure.

Used properly, the Citrix support tools allow us to identify any issues and then we can solve them for you by taking control over your device and rectifying the mistake. The process is fast, easy and it delivers exactly what you may need in no time.

Citrix manages to make your life easier, thanks to the dedicated application virtualization and software tools. They also do this while handling all the necessary programming and processing in the background. It really is one of the best and most powerful security tools on the market. You will surely appreciate its unique and distinct approach that you can find at this time.

Office 365 Miami

Office 365 Miami is one of the best tools that can help you manage your business, but at the same time, it can also provide you with a great way to complete a wide array of day to day tasks within your company. It is an interesting and distinct approach. At the same time, it does bring in front a delightful new way to upgrade your business.

Office 365 Miami is a very good solution for any type of business. This is because it can be used online, it has a minimal impact on consumer resources, and the results that you can get are second to none. Plus, you can easily obtain access to the latest features this way, including new Office products.

Why should you hire the best IT Support Miami services from Nerds Support?

Nerds Support can easily integrate all of these support software options within your business. We also created a unique way to boost your company’s approach, taking it to the next level. We offer managed services, cloud services, VoIP, email protection, hosted solutions, technology consulting and many other features. If you always wanted to improve the way you deal with IT issues, then using the best IT Support Miami solutions is by far the best idea you can have.

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with our team to access all of these great IT support solutions and many other great features. Work with us, and you will get access to incredible pricing, high-quality services, and incredible benefits, all added in a single package. Give this a shot, and you will not regret it! To set up a free consultation with Nerds Support, you can call 305-551-2009 or you can fill out a contact form here.