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With IT Services in Miami, You Don’t Have to Worry About Ransomware

Since its sudden increase in 2015, Ransomware has become more than a cruel petty crime…it has become a full blown illegal business model. The profits crypts have taken from this crime have turned Ransomware into a billion dollar business and if your company has not experienced any sort of attack yet, then our Managed IT Support team recommends that you take the time to read this article and follow the necessary precautions to prevent a Ransomware, or other cyber security, attack. Since its sudden increase in 2015, Ransomware has become more than a cruel petty crime…it has become a full blown illegal business model.


How Do I know if I have Ransomware:

Warning signs of ransomware is not an easy thing to detect, but that does not mean they are impossible to detect. Our IT support team has found some of the following to be common signs of a Ransomware attack:

• Slowdown
• Pop-Ups
• Running out of hard drive space
• Unusually high network activity
• New browser homepage, new toolbars and/or unwanted websites accessed without your input
• Unusual messages or programs that start automatically
• Your friends tell you that they are getting strange messages from you
• New, unfamiliar icons on desktop + battery life drains quickly

However, some malware is so advanced, that most companies don’t even know they are in danger of a ransomware attack until the attack has already been carried out. If your computer has experienced any of these symptoms, our IT consulting experts advise that you do not touch the laptop and that you call your IT support team for help. With a great engineer team, like the one at Nerds Support, Inc. you can assure that your cyber security plan will be the most secure one in Miami.

How Does Ransomware Spread?

Another way that ransomware can spread is through spam emails. Once a computer becomes infected with a type of ransomware, like wannacry, the virus goes through your computer to see the people you have interacted with, typically through email, and they begin sending the virus to your contacts, in the form of spam email. With Nerd Support’s expert Managed IT team, you can assure yourself that your inbox will be monitored and you will be made aware of any suspicious emails. In all cases, it is important that you delete every suspicious email that you get. To protect your email, you should try to delete any strange emails that appear to look like spam. You should also try to stay off of strange or inappropriate websites, to further decrease the risk of a virus. However, the simplest way to assure your internet security is to call a great IT consulting firm to monitor your servers, or move you into the cloud.

How You Can Prevent a Ransomware Attack?

The easiest way to prevent a ransomware attack is to have a great security protection plan in place. A great IT company, like Nerds Support, would already know the perfect plan to protect your company, no matter what size, and their 24/7 IT Support would mean that a cyber attacker would never take your business by surprise. Finally, the best way to prevent a cyberattack, whether it is ransomware or a Trojan horse, is to have the right software on your computer.

Nerds Support engineers pride themselves on having the most important certifications and years of experience to provide companies with the IT support that they deserve. Our company knows the importance of having a secure company and works non-stop to make sure that your company is safe from all types of malware, including some of the most dangerous viruses. If you’re looking for a Miami IT support company that can make your company the most secure company, then you need to consider Nerds Support, Inc. You can leave us message on our website or you can call 305-551-2009.

Use social media for more than marketing

Use social media for more than marketing

Social media has become an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. By having an active presence on the main networks, you will likely see increased sales and or brand recognition. So, while social media is an invaluable marketing tool, there are also other departments which could benefit from it.

Below are four non-marketing oriented uses of social media that businesses could benefit from.

LinkedIn is a social network dedicated to helping professionals and organizations connect, find jobs and new talent. Most social savvy companies will have a presence on this network and may even hire exclusively from here.

If you are looking for new employees, it wouldn’t hurt to have a LinkedIn profile. To find the best talent, you need to forge and maintain connections (usually starting with people you know), and be somewhat active in groups and on message boards.

It’s also important to not forget the other major networks when it comes to hiring. Tweeting a job opening on Twitter, or posting ads on Facebook could also help you find your next employee. Facebook can be particularly useful because you can pay to target ads (in this case, job openings) at specific demographics.

Internal communications
Communication is an important part of the business, and most people choose to communicate using email. You have probably seen emails with jokes, invitations to after work events,  sent to the whole company and also received many replies that go with it. This can get very annoying, and also confusing.

Why not utilize social media for non-essential (aka. not related to work) communication. Set up a Facebook group where your employees can share content, invitations to lunch or after work gatherings, interesting stories, etc. That way you can limit email to more important, business-related aspects.

Using social media for internal communication is also beneficial for companies with younger workers. Most already see Facebook, Twitter, etc. as their main form of communication. Some even feel more comfortable communicating over this medium as opposed to speaking out in meetings. Having a group portal or Facebook page could give less-empowered employees a way to voice their ideas, and maybe even improve on them with feedback from others.

A common complaint of many business owners is that they have a tough time staying on top of ever-changing trends and what interests their customers. Using social media to connect with your customers can be a great way to learn not only hot trends but also about new ideas.

Customer service
When it comes to social media, users will often complain publicly on their wall or through their tweets. This is bad for you, as the reach of this complaint can go a long way and make you look bad. Some companies have decided to confront this head on by having specific customer service accounts. If a customer complains, has an issue, or even compliments you, be active and respond using that account.

If done properly, over time, you will see more and more people reaching out to your customer service account through social media. This also gives you another way to please clients or turn around negative customer experiences.

Social media and the various platforms are not only great for marketing but can be incredibly useful for other business functions. Do you have any other ways you use social media? Let us know. Or, if you would like to learn more about how it can help your company, then contact us today.

Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails and How Not to Get Ripped Off

There are a number of schemes out there which resemble and promise to make our dreams come real. They might send you an email regarding the same or pop up as an advertisement or as a website or an email attachment and then you go opening these without even thinking that a sender is entirely an unknown person, but you straightaway click and open!

What happens next is an unnoticed invasion of a malicious entity that infects your systems. But we all have antiviruses installed, then why worry. But yeah, is your AV updated with the definitions of newer viruses, malware, Trojans, etc.? Is it?

Key loggers are quite not unusual. You might be using the online banking system, your credentials are notably susceptible and you could find out an enormous financial institution switch has long past from your account all of a surprise.

But the malware may also be commencing backdoors on your enterprise community. commercial espionage could be very common, so imagine if a person stole your commercial enterprise secrets and techniques and bought them for your competitors? What in the event that they without a doubt wiped your whole community and destroyed your backups?

One especially nasty shape of Phishing is wherein you click a link in an e-mail and unexpectedly your whole laptop locks up and a message is displayed demanding a stressful fee before it will be unlocked once more. This is known as Ransomware and may be very tons on the rise.

So how do you discover and forestall phishing emails before they fulfill their motive to harm? Here are a few things you can look out for:

  • Don’t believe the show call
  • You may look at it but it is advisable that you don’t click
  • Watch out for some spelling mistakes
  • Examine the salutation
  • Don’t surrender personal records
  • Look at the concerned line. If it has a tone of a threat then beware of it.
  • Evaluate the signature
  • It is advisable not to open any sort of attachments
  • Don’t agree with the header of the email address
  • Don’t believe the whole lot you spot

If you’re relying in your electronic mail system, there’s either a lot you may do about it, or now not very lots in any respect. In case you’re the user of a POP3 email server, then there are some twists you could make but you’re limited in the quantity of safety you get for electronic mail being added for your users.

In case you’re the user of synchronised email inclusive of Microsoft trade then you definitely are onto a champion due to the fact there are loads greater ways you may guard yourselves from Phishing emails, however the management of this calls for a few technical capabilities.

You also need to make sure that your SPF, DMARC and DKIM settings are all set as per latest clauses, rules and regulations on your domain and will even course all inbound and outbound email through an outside e-mail authentication carrier with a view to remove the sizable majority of spam and phishing emails you can get hold of before it hits your community.

Looking for reliable IT security solutions in Miami? Contact Nerds Support!


A Greater Depth into CIO’s Role in Cybersecurity

Always misunderstood job roles are the ones that are at peak or form the basis of all other operations, but in reality, it is not so. The reality is that these sophisticated posts face the majority of challenges to fulfill their goals and achieve what we refer to as the perfect job satisfaction. When it comes to CIOs their task is to provide the business with the maximum security of resources and crucial information, at the same time meet the business objectives. This is the time where businesses want more progressive solutions for data storage, and tech experts prefer no other method than the cloud, but only the ones that rank high in cyber security terms. There are several other factors which play an important role that needs to be considered when taking into account cloud storage and the cyber security. serves a greater boon but has a higher risk of security as reported by many surveys conducted. And this is time where CIO’s take up another step and help their business understand the fact that despite the increased number of attacks, the easy availability of toolkits for low-level hackers to cause attacks such as the ransomware, and difficulties to keep up with the vulnerabilities so close to horizon cloud security is being taken care of.

How is security ensured?

Understanding the cloud, the protection of information operates on a model where both cloud providers and users share the burden of ensuring protection and assembly compliance mandates. However, the ultimate obligation for safety lies within your company and people who will need to answer to the assembly room in the act of any sort of breach.

The cloud model your organization employs which can be either of the three i.e., public, hybrid, or private will decide the extent of protection provided by the cloud issuer. Groups have extra widespread duties for Platform as a provider (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in comparison to Software as a service (SaaS) programs. With IaaS and PaaS, the dangers encompass the capability cessation of commercial enterprise operations, failing a compliance audit, or ever getting hit by a safety breach.

Factors to consider when you decide to migrate to cloud

CIOs need to take appropriate steps to make certain security at some point of the cloud migration method. Here are a few questions to ask whilst comparing cloud carriers:

What about the cloud infrastructure I choose, will it ensure least privilege laws for information get right of entry to without compromising security?

Are packages or structures designed with integrated safety functions together with an organization identity control machine?

How will we encrypt records in movement or at relaxation at some stage in the migration system and past?

What are the different third party compliance standards ought to be met, and the way does a cloud provider’s safety protocols map to industry standards?

How does the cloud company report its security for compliance purposes?

When you understand your necessities within the context of cloud services, you will be in a better role to put into effect safety protections.


Zero-day Skype Flaw Causes Crashes, Remote Code Execution

A critical zero-day flaw causes crashes, remote code execution. Microsoft has fixed the flaw, which remains a threat to people who has not updated their software.

Zero-day vulnerability affects Skype versions 7.2, 7.35, and 7.36. Researchers state the stack buffer overflow flaw, CVE-2017-9948 has a huge impact to Skype users.

The issue occurs in Skype’s use of the MSFTEDIT.DLL file in case of a copy request on systems. The security team tested this file by pasting a crafted image file from a clipboard into the Skype message box. And when this image was hosted on a clipboard, Skype was prompted into a stack buffer overflow, causing errors which can then be exploited.

The security team said:

“The limitation of the transmitted size and count for images via print of the remote session clipboard has no secure restrictions. Hackers can crash the software with a single request to overwrite the register of the software process. It allows hackers to execute own codes on the connected computer systems via the Skype software,”

Vulnerability Lab first notified Microsoft of the bug on 16th of May, 2017. After Microsoft’s team acknowledged the issue and fixed it, a patch was deployed on 8 June, leading to public disclosure on 26 June, 2017.

The bug has been patched in Skype version 7.37.178, and users must be sure that their software is up-to-date to protect themselves from threat.