Key Reasons to Backup Your Mobile Devices

It’s no secret that mobile landscape is evolving rapidly. Mobile devices have become real hubs for all sorts of personal and business information. People depend on these devices for everything from saving photos transfer to work-related activities. According to Ericsson’s Traffic and Market Data Report, there are approximately about 4.1 billion subscribers worldwide.Do you have any idea how your important data can be lost or corrupted?With the evolution of the mobile landscape, backup software for mobile phones has become more than other security services.

Take a moment to have a glance at the statistics below:

  • Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in US
  • More than 70% small businesses that experience major data loss go out of businesses within a year.
  • More than 50% companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months.

Here are a few reasons you need to backup your mobile data immediately:

Malware on Mobile: Over 50% of world’s adult population uses a mobile device with internet connection, so the dangers in these devices are to be expected. If you use mobile phones for business purpose, backing up is a must. Trojans and viruses can destroy your mobile device and everything on it. So, don’t forget to backup your mobile phone to mitigate the damage.

Low Battery: Imagine being in a business meeting and having to access an important document on your mobile device. With a low battery, you can’t access it. But if you had an online mobile backup app, it would be easy to access all important data anywhere.

You can Lose Your Device: Imagine a situation when you lose your smartphone. So, it is advisable to keep the backup of your important data to access it anywhere and anytime.

These common misfortunes can happen to anybody and these are the major reasons why you need a mobile backup.Our professionals, at Nerds Support Inc., provide peerless data backup and recovery solutions for businesses. Call us for backup and security services today!