workspace updates 2018

New Workplace Update: What You Should Know

We all deserve a gift this time of the year, whether we’ve been naughty or nice. So, here are some good news from us to you: a Workplace update is about to launch! Read more about what’s new with your favorite digital business hub before you go on your Holiday vacation.

With new features, design improvements and workflow enhancements, Workplace will now facilitate remote team collaboration as well as individual employee productivity in your company even further. A new, cleaner user-friendly interface will allow you and your co-workers to find, access and share files, websites and apps easier than ever before!

What’s more, Workplace’s key upgrades will assure its users better security and regulatory compliance, as well as make the platform a truly amazing tool for remote workers and organizations who care about keeping their data safe.

So, what are the main changes that will transform your Workplace_? Keep reading to find out!

Makeover of the Workplace Web App in Windows and Mac

In Windows, you will be able to resize the app as big as you wish and even enter full-screen mode in your computer. You could also minimize it as small as you want so it doesn’t take the entire screen if you’re working with multiple applications or browser windows.

In Mac, Workplace will work perfectly with the new OS version, Mojave. The upgrades also fix an issue that previously affected users: the inability to see some virtual graphics products. Developers working on improving this app went above and beyond not only fixing what users weren’t able to see or the app wasn’t able to display, but also enabling Workplace to function on multiple monitors.

Pin Any File or Folder to Your Launch Page

Say goodbye to good ole boring shortcuts! Workplace’s new feature allows users to “star” websites, applications, folders and files that you can now open your favorites directly from the Launch page with just a simple click.

Introducing Workplace’s New Feature: Websites

You will now be able to see all the websites you visit and work with on a daily basis in a section dedicated specially for that! You can “star” (or pin) a website to your Launch page and see the Websites section there, or you can visit the sidebar menu on the left to see all of your featured and frequently visited sites.

Also, you can save websites with or without including login credentials and set up your username and password without depending on a company manager to do so. And let’s not forget about the new neat feature that allows you to share bookmarks and websites with your colleagues, increasing collaboration and team productivity levels.

Find All Your Hosted Apps in One Place Now

Talking about simplifying workflows and increasing productivity, Workplace now has given Citrix (“hosted”) applications their very own section. Click on “Hosted Apps” on the app sidebar and you will find all your hosted applications, or “star” the apps you use the most so they can appear in your Launch page for quick and easy access.

See If You Have Compliance Issues

All apps in the Workplace desktop platform have a new feature that perfectly aligns with the company’s mission of keeping our customers’ data safe and improving security compliance. “Compliance Status”, the last but not least important upgrade in Workplace, is being implemented on both Windows and Mac machines and will check your devices to see how your compliance level compares to the industry’s best practices.

What’s more, if you have compliance issues, recommendations will be made to fix the problem and get you to 100% compliance.

What You Can Do to Upgrade Your Workplace_

The new and improved version of your workplace, Workplace 3.0, will launch on December 12th, 2018. Ask us about the upgrades you need so you and your team can enjoy the latest features, or join an online demo to get a sneak peek of the platform before the launch (and the Holidays)!