Is Your Miami Business Vulnerable to Cyber Security Risks?

Technological advancement has not only brought a drastic change in the regular operations of any Miami organization but it has also exposed it to cyber-attacks. Through attacks like spear phishing via Email and hacking of network, it has the capability from affecting the business of any company to exposing top secret data of any company.

Some of the cyber security vulnerabilities for your Miami business are:

No Cyber Security Policy: Cyber-attacks have increased exponentially in the recent years capable of affecting each and every company out there. Not having a proper well documented cyber security policy and not involving employees in it can expose your organization to massive financial repercussions in case of a security breach.

Sensitive Data Exposure: In most cases, this is what cyber mafias look out for. They try to hack your system network to steal, damage or modify sensitive data like company policies and user information that has the potential to shake up and halt your business proceedings.

Security Mis-configuration: Clumsy mistakes by users or employees can expose cyber security for hacking. When employees or users use default passwords, run outdated or unnecessary applications then these become an easy target for even low-level hackers.

Weak Authentication: Broken authentication is one of the most common cyber security vulnerability. When encrypted data are exchanged online say, by logging in, then that data is vulnerable to theft. In most cases, hackers target weak areas in authentication and session management which occur between any two systems for exchange of package. If data is encrypted poorly, hackers using techniques like Man-in-the-Middle can intercept and decipher any data sent by a user.

Aging infrastructure: Having outdated hardware can expose your system to cyber-attacks since it may be incapable to install latest security patches for the software in it. Using obsolete software which requires older versions of plug-ins can also make your system network vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Though strengthening the defense system of your organization against cyber-attacks in a short span of time may not be viable but prioritizing the cyber issue and investing on it is a must. Its long-term benefits are immense.

Petya ransomware attack

A Massive New Ransomware Attack Named Petya is Spreading Around Miami and the Globe

Watch out! Another ransomware attack named Petya. Yes, WannaCryransomware is not dead yet. A massive ransomware attack is shutting computer systems at companies and banks across Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, UK, India, and Europe. Petya ransomware is a nasty piece of ransomware and works differently from other malware. This ransomware does not encrypt files on a target system. Petya encrypts the hard drive’s master file table (MFT) and restricts access to the full system by seizing information about file names. Without a proper IT support Miami team, this ransomware is very likely to hit your business.

This ransomware attack hits around 2,000 computers in 12+ countries including the UK, US, France and Germany. Ukraine was the most affected country where the Chernobyl nuclear power plant systems were switched to manual.

Computer systems that have the most recent update of Microsoft’s software are safe from the attack. It is advisable to check you have installed the latest version of Windows.Victims should never pay the ransom as it encourages the hackers. Even if victims pay there is no guarantee that they will get back all their files.In order to protect yourself against any ransomware attack, you must be careful about unwanted files and documents sent over an email and should ignore links inside them if they are unverified.Be sure to run an effective anti-virus security suite on your PC and keep it up-to-date.

It is advisable to consult an IT Support Company to secure your wireless network, backup your business data, detect phishing scams and a lot more.



Nerds Support won the channel co CRN tech elite 250 award

Nerds Support, Inc Named to the 2017 CRN Tech Elite 250 List

Nerds Support, Inc., “Proactive Approach To Technology”, is proud to announce that CRN ®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Nerds Support, Inc. to 2017 CRN Tech Elite 250 list in April, 2017. In February, we were placed on the CRN’s Tech Elite 500 list and quickly moved up in April to 2017 CRN Tech Elite 250 list. With our Miami award-winning managed services, we have achieved our position in 2017 CRN Tech Elite 250 List. CRN Tech Elite 250 list honors an exclusive group of North American IT solution providers that have earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications from leading technology vendors, scaled to their company size. We have successfully assisted our clients with cutting-edge IT support solutions in the respective industry.

MSPs play a vital role in the routine operations of businesses across North America. Managed service providers help organizations streamline their spending, effectively allocate limited resources, and benefit from advanced expertise in the cutting-edge technologies.

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