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Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram or any social media platform, there is no doubt that these online social media platforms connect you to the entire world in a millisecond. The internet is exploding day by day with zillions of pictures and information. The texting crowd feels proud while sharing their moments online but there is no denial to the fact ‘online platform is not secure’. It is highly important to maintain data security while being social.

With so many of us using social websites today, it makes perfect targets for swindles and security breach to happen. An infamous topic for tech-gossip nowadays is hacking; every second professional hackers and scammer breach somebody’s personal space. It is not exactly the intention everyone has while signing up, it is about privacy sacrifices. So, how to stay safe while being social? By following these rules without missing the online fun.

Too Much Information (TMI): Protect yourself from identity theft by not sharing too much information on social media platform. Every social media platform is linked with Google to crawl relevant or irrelevant information. It becomes one vulnerable to an unlimited source of data available online for frauds. Never share the state you were born to maintain data security.

False Identity: There is no rocket science in falsifying someone’s identity on Facebook or twitter. It can be a ‘fun’ for some but there is a legit side too. Some people use a fake identity to conceal who they actually are, leading to financial frauds. So, verify the page that belongs to you by avoiding any suspicious account you come across.

Customized Privacy Options: You are smart if you have customized your privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out the settings, configuration, and privacy settings to see what options you have to limit yourself from scammers.

Never Violate Social networking Policies: The social networking sites in the workplace bears a lot of information about the company. It’s a wise thing not to mess around their policies. Accidental data leakage incidents will not only affect your job but also make inappropriate public statements. So, never violate with these policies to maintain data security.

No Popularity Contest: The page with most ‘likes’ or hundreds of ‘friends’ will not make you popular. That is just a possibility of adding more strangers to your profile, who have now access to your valuable information. It is a best practice to add only those people who are either your ‘actual friends’ or known acquaintances.

Not all who surf social media site is a scammer, hacker or a cheater. We need to filter out who genuinely are there to increase their social group. In other words, it is essential to learn how sites can use your information for other’s benefit. Furthermore, do some research online and be prepared. Each of us should take responsibility for protecting ourselves. Contact Nerds Support for world-class data security solutions!