Unlock Opportunity With A New Security Approach

Two colleagues are working on their laptops on a table

It’s happening right now, later today, and millions of times every day.

An employee drinks their first cup of joe, asks coworkers about their weekend plans, sets up meetings for the day, and then starts tackling their to do list.

They then open their laptop, quickly access apps, files, and start getting work done.

These encounters are normal in today’s modern workplace. They can happen anywhere and at any time. They can happen at a coffee shop, co-working space, kitchen tables and employees’ living room.

Welcome to the modern workforce – where work is no longer a physical location but a constant state of meeting deadlines. Work has become a dynamic activity that work happens without any borders.

If the trends are to follow, this will be the new norm. How Come ? Because IT works. People are more productive. They work better and smarter. And they feel as they have a work-life balance.

While HR departments and employees are gleaming with joy, IT professionals have a security dilemma as the web is an intricate, complicated environment. When users extend their borders beyond the traditional firewall, web, SaaS and virtual apps are straining IT resources to the max.

Most IT departments are trying to keep up with the new modern workforce, relying on a variety of point security and other solutions to just keep up. But these security initiatives, are only enough to barely get by, many IT professionals are foregoing many capabilities (consistent policies, visibility, analytics, etc.)  that can further protect their employees, data, infrastructure, and assets.

These IT professionals agree that a new security standard is needed. A new framework that includes the way people work, but all the different parts of where employees are collaborating and where business happens.

If IT and security professionals can spend less time on worrying about these threats and security vulnerabilities – they can redirect their focus to the rapidly expanding opportunities of apps, services, cloud infrastructure, and devices.

Simplifying work and security in a cloud-first world

The answer to all this is a secure digital workspace. It’s creating a new integrated way to manage and deliver apps, desktops, data and devices your employees need to be productive. It can fully support all apps and data both on the cloud and on premises. To ultimately deliver the ultimate experience to all users at the right time.

Creating a digital workplace that is protected by a security framework that travels with users wherever they go. Allowing IT, security, and networking teams control and security across today’s complex cloud, hybrid, and SaaS environments.

This new framework unifies and connects everything in your environment. Apps, data, networks, clouds, desktops, and devices are managed and protected so your users and admins can focus on what they do best.

If you would like to learn more about cloud computing security, download our e-book. You can learn how to get flexibility, and the control you need to advance innovation, manage risk and create new ways of working.

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