Data Security

Data Security is Important- Why??????

Be it a small business or well-established one, data security is important for all businesses. Understand the importance of data security will help businesses to protect themselves from data theft.There are numerous reasons for considering data protection. Some of them are- minimizing financial loss, maintaining high levels of productivity and fulfilling customer needs. As the computer has become highly integral to business operations, data requirements from regulators have been imposed on businesses.We have compiled a few reasons why data security is important.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular concept that offers incredible benefits to daily life but also imposes potential threats to security. As your electronics are connected to each other, there are more chances of cyber threats.

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing is popular from last many years and it doesn’t imply that it’s less of a threat. It is one of the most harmful attempts to steal your information. This occurs when you receive an email from an enterprise that you know.

The Cloud

It’s no secret that cloud software becomes a blessing to businesses by providing a prompt way to exchange data without being physically present there. It is imperative to keep an eye on the services you’re leveraging the cloud to keep your data safe and secure.


Well, ransomware is less common in the IT world. But its impact is growing at a high pace and it may encrypt your data and lead to cybercrime. It is advisable to hire an IT security specialist to avoid an attack with ransomware.

Running your new business? Keep your information safe and secure. As cybercrimes grow more and more, you must hire a professional IT support company to help you keep your information safe and private.

Mobile Phones in Public Ports

Avoid Charging Your Mobile Phones in Public Ports For Privacy

All of us know the feeling when your battery is done but you have to answer business emails or collaborate with the office. That time, you may think of charging your phone in the coffee shop, mall, conference center, plane or airport wherever you are. Don’t forget that hackers can pull data from your phone at the same time. So, be careful while charging your phone at any public port. By charging your mobile in public ports, you give hackers a chance to steal your personal information. Keep in mind that the code you use to charge your phone is also used to send information from your personal phone to other devices. Data security must be an important area of concern for everyone from an individual to a small-business owner.

Following are few tips to protect your phone:
– Avoid using public charging stations.
– If you have to use public charging stations, don’t rely on dual use cables. You can use simple USB adapter.
– You should set screen mirroring function to “Off” on our mobile device.
– Keep your anti-virus and anti-malware up-to-date on your phone.
– Check your access permissions on your phone for privacy.

Despite the risks, people still do it. If you’re concerned about security, then stop using the public ports. And if you’re desperate to reply emails, make tweets or upload selfie, then take the risk on your own.

Maintaining privacy for your personal data is important than anything. Contact us for unrivaled data security solutions.

Scam Alert

IRS Warns of Last-Minute Tax Scams

With tax scammers robbing on the internet, it becomes difficult to hide oneself from money launders. As the year-end is approaching, every taxpayer, preparer and companies are active, and so do online scammers. Considering the amount of risk posed for online consumers, internal revenue service issued a warning lately, to tax professionals and citizens, to save themselves from online thieves. As per Forbes, there is a recent increase in online scams as scammers are using diverse ways to get their way into online money theft.

Internal revenue service urges tax preparers and individuals, submitting their online tax returns, to verbally reconfirm their information about last minute change in address or direct deposit funds. It is really important for tax filers to make sure their information is correct and not vulnerable for scammers.

In recent days, IRS has identified few infamous scams. A huge number of tax scammers have already hit big organizations, schools and companies. One such scam revolves around one malicious actor who poses himself as customer, calling his or her tax preparer about the refund not deposited in the account. In the process, the fake caller takes down all the important information and scams it.

This process does not stop here as they are not ignoring the other half of the equation. They have found the best way to dodge the customers and tax preparers. In this situation, the tax customer receives an email from their tax service provider asking them to update their online profile. These types of emails or notifications might have malicious attachment to obtain personal information.

It is essential to know that IRS would not ask for some personal information and below mentioned details too.
● IRS would not call or email verifying your identity by asking personal or financial information.
● They will never demand for immediate payment over the phone or will ask about the taxes you owe.
● Never demand to pay the taxes you owe through third party websites or e-transfers.
● Never threaten to immediately bring police for the taxes owed.
● Never ask for credit or debit numbers over the phone.

The IRS and tax regulatory bodies are doing best in their capacity to stop the online scammers by acting as a security summit. They have also enacted various safeguards in the interest of tax preparers and payers against identity theft for the year.

However, online scammers are always bridging their way to the security summit and breaching the security as a whole.These kinds of scammers use advanced technology to get access to divulging sensitive data from people. It is wise to be aware about the sensitivity of issue. The money might be small but if they get hands on to the bank accounts or personal details then it is easy for them to do identity scam and make you prey in eyes of law.

Keep your information safe and secure this tax season by making sure there is enough trustworthy communication between you and tax preparer and bank, if the situation demands, else, your safety is in your hands. Contact Nerds Support for data security and recovery solutions!

Data Security Social Media

Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram or any social media platform, there is no doubt that these online social media platforms connect you to the entire world in a millisecond. The internet is exploding day by day with zillions of pictures and information. The texting crowd feels proud while sharing their moments online but there is no denial to the fact ‘online platform is not secure’. It is highly important to maintain data security while being social.

With so many of us using social websites today, it makes perfect targets for swindles and security breach to happen. An infamous topic for tech-gossip nowadays is hacking; every second professional hackers and scammer breach somebody’s personal space. It is not exactly the intention everyone has while signing up, it is about privacy sacrifices. So, how to stay safe while being social? By following these rules without missing the online fun.

Too Much Information (TMI): Protect yourself from identity theft by not sharing too much information on social media platform. Every social media platform is linked with Google to crawl relevant or irrelevant information. It becomes one vulnerable to an unlimited source of data available online for frauds. Never share the state you were born to maintain data security.

False Identity: There is no rocket science in falsifying someone’s identity on Facebook or twitter. It can be a ‘fun’ for some but there is a legit side too. Some people use a fake identity to conceal who they actually are, leading to financial frauds. So, verify the page that belongs to you by avoiding any suspicious account you come across.

Customized Privacy Options: You are smart if you have customized your privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out the settings, configuration, and privacy settings to see what options you have to limit yourself from scammers.

Never Violate Social networking Policies: The social networking sites in the workplace bears a lot of information about the company. It’s a wise thing not to mess around their policies. Accidental data leakage incidents will not only affect your job but also make inappropriate public statements. So, never violate with these policies to maintain data security.

No Popularity Contest: The page with most ‘likes’ or hundreds of ‘friends’ will not make you popular. That is just a possibility of adding more strangers to your profile, who have now access to your valuable information. It is a best practice to add only those people who are either your ‘actual friends’ or known acquaintances.

Not all who surf social media site is a scammer, hacker or a cheater. We need to filter out who genuinely are there to increase their social group. In other words, it is essential to learn how sites can use your information for other’s benefit. Furthermore, do some research online and be prepared. Each of us should take responsibility for protecting ourselves. Contact Nerds Support for world-class data security solutions!

Corporate Compliance Program

What is a Corporate Compliance Program?

Do you work in an industry that requires you to follow a strict corporate compliance program? Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know whether or not they are following compliance until it’s too late. Nerds Support doesn’t want you to be one of those companies.


What is a Corporate Compliance Program?

Compliance is a term used to describe a set of standards set by a governing body to enforce internal controls and ethics of businesses utilizing them. These can include PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX regulatory compliance standards. There are five essential elements to having a successful corporate compliance program used across today’s industries: leadership, risk assessment, standards/controls, training/communication, and oversight. Without these five elements in place and practiced regularly, businesses cannot have an effective corporate compliance program.


What is a Corporate Compliance Program Used for?

Certain industries require checks and balances when it comes to transmitting data to protect the individual the data is regarding. A corporate compliance program is that set of checks and balances. It lays out specific guidelines of how data is stored, transmitted, or shared.


HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protects sensitive patient data. Any company that deals with protected health information is required to have a set of security measures in place and followed to be in compliance with HIPAA. This includes physical, network, and processes as well.


PCI DSS – The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requires companies who process, store, or transmit credit card payments – regardless of size – to host their data securely with a PCI DSS compliant provider.


SOX – Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance is a comprehensive, cost-effective, and risk-based compliance act. It requires all publicly held companies establish controls and procedures to report financial information to reduce the risk or possibility of corporate fraud.


The Importance of Following a Corporate Compliance Program

Companies found in violation of these programs face serious charges by governing entities. Companies who receive audits on their financial records and found not to be in compliance with SOX can be harshly penalized while losing their investors and shareholders trust and respect. Companies who are non-compliant with HIPAA can find themselves facing steep fines and a loss of clients. If your company isn’t PCI DSS compliant, not only do you risk massive fines, you also risk losing the support of your financial institution as well. Not having a supporting bank equals no longer being able to accept credit cards as a form of payment.


Let Nerds Support Keep You Secure

Nerds Support has a team dedicated to keeping you in compliance with any industry standards you may have to follow. We’ll run system audits to see how secure your network is and implement processes that will get you back in compliance if you’re found in violation. Isn’t it time to make sure your company is following the rules?