A man desperate because he lost his information and didnt have a disaster recovery solution

Top Seven Reasons You Need A Disaster Recovery Solution in Miami

When it comes to disaster preparedness, how prepared are you? Over 80% of South Florida companies, large and small, report that they have experienced a financial loss due to a technological crisis. Here are 7 reasons why you having a Miami backup and disaster recovery solution is absolutely necessary.

There are no Guarantees When it Comes to IT Hardware and Software

  1. Customers expectations are high! When systems go down it can be devastating to your reputation. Once your customers are made aware of internal IT issues, their trust will begin to decline and they may not hesitate to give their business elsewhere.
  2. IT hardware starts depreciating the minute you take it out of the box. Even when it’s top of the line, your IT infrastructure is never perfect. Don’t over estimate the quality of your hardware. False security can leave you in a bind when something goes wrong.
  3. Software is fickle and needs constant attention. Even when you stay on top of updates, software is constantly troublesome for business owners. Backup plans give peace of mind when it comes to software hiccups.

Disaster Recovery Protects Your Reputation

  1. When you throw human error in to the mix, it’s no surprise that the majority of companies will report that they have lost valuable data by being ill prepared. One small mistake could cost you dearly and fill you with regret.
  2. Even the best hardware and software available will not keep your documents safe in the event that there is a natural disaster. This is a prime example of why backup and disaster recovery is absolutely necessary. Natural disasters can’t be controlled, but the damage can be minimized.
  3. Viruses can plague an entire office at the drop of a dime. All it takes is one employee clicking a bad link and every computer on the network is effected. These are things that, try as you might, you can’t guarantee immunity against malicious computer infections.
  4. When staff is able to trust in their employer they are more likely to give 100%. On the other hand, when your office experiences continued IT problems morale can plummet. Employees appreciate the security they feel when they know that their employer is prepared for the worst case scenario.

Don’t trick yourself in to thinking that backup is optional. Miami Disaster recovery solutions are the only way to protect your data, your reputation and your livelihood. Having a great Miami IT support company behind you is the best way to combat this



Data Recovery Miami

The 7 Best Ways To Protect Your Miami Business Data

At the heart of every successful Miami organization is a compilation of important documentation, data and records. Finances, personnel files, budgeting data, accounting… it’s a long list. Here are seven top ways that you can protect your Miami business data from being lost or destroyed.

1. Know where your data is, so that it can be protected. It is important to keep your information in a central location, ensuring that all of your critical files and information can be easily located.

2. Establish a routine for compiling this data and updating it. Many businesses delegate the maintenance of important data to different departments. It’s crucial that each piece of the puzzle is working together to ensure that your data files are kept up to date.

3. Keeping your Miami business data backed up is one of the only ways you will be able to ensure that your files are safeguarded. This can be a complex process. First, make sure that your backups are automated. This creates a routine and eliminates user error as the process is initiated by a computer instead of a person. Once the backup process is established make sure that it is complete. Go back to yesterday’s files and make sure that everything is up to date.

4. Backing up your data is only one step to ensure that data is protected. In addition to backing up your files, you should keep copies of that data in several locations. What good will it do if the system containing your backup files crashes or incurs damage? Create an automated process that duplicates your backup files in a second and third location.

5. One of the worst times to find out that your backup system is flawed, broken or incomplete is during an IT crash or crisis. It can be hard to prioritize Miami IT support, but keep in mind how important your Miami business data is to the success of your business. Take time out to do a practice run in restoring your data to ensure that you are prepared for untimely disasters.

6. Keeping your IT hardware and software updated also plays an important role, as this will guarantee the integrity of your IT system. Many companies are turning to cloud computing instead of keeping their IT systems in house, which delegates this responsibility elsewhere. In addition to making sure your IT infrastructure is up to date you will also want to make sure you have a firewall in place to place an extra layer of protection between the internet and your data.

7. Review your process and update it regularly.

Losing vital company data can be crippling, so be sure to implement these steps. Ensuring that your data can be easily restored means that should disaster strike you will be on your way to recovery instead of worrying about survival.