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Take Advantage of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Miami

Companies love the benefits and flexibility of the cloud, but one of the most overlooked and understood aspects of the cloud is IaaS, also known as Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS allows Miami business owners and CIOs to utilize infrastructure to evolve and to compete in a modern market.


What is IaaS?

IaaS is one of three facets of cloud computing. The other two are Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). IaaS provides users with virtual services over the Internet connection. Okay, what does that mean? IaaS services include maintenance, security planning, and backup services, but it does so on a per-use basis.

IaaS is similar to a pay-for-use phone. Companies pay only for what they need at a given time, which can change daily, weekly or monthly. As a result, whatever is used is charged to the company. IaaS puts companies in a unique position to save money on infrastructure costs while deploying the most sophisticated technologies and resources to grow and secure the business.

Big Benefits of IaaS in South Florida

Companies benefit from IaaS during all stages of deployment and utilization. The benefits of IaaS include:

  • Flexibility and scalability- Companies can establish a cloud service and create a system that fits their needs initially, as well as providing company’s with the ability to expand over the course of the business as the business grows, or even if it decides to cut back. The best part is that it can be done right away, instead of forcing companies to spend the cash to overhaul systems, software, and work environments. IaaS allows companies to choose services that support the business and provide the best support for customers and their ever-changing needs.
  • Innovative applications and services- Companies have access to the latest technologies and services without having to deplete technology budgets to market, establish or maintain software and services. Companies work with professionals, such as Nerds Support, which empowers companies with the ability to tailor cloud services and infrastructure to meet their specific needs and industry demands.
  • Companies can grow- Companies that utilize IaaS have the unique capacity to outsource specialized services to experts who can take care of the business’s IT and technology needs. This takes the burden of doing so off of company owners and employees. Companies can focus their time and attention on the business to promote growth instead of spending time on hiring and managing IT teams, devoting money to multiple vendors and services, and managing the infrastructure. Growth occurs when business owners focus on the company and when they have access to tailored resources for maximum growth.
  • Affordability- One of the most attractive features of IaaS is affordability, which allows companies to scale their services to meet their needs on their own terms. Companies that embrace IaaS benefit from lower infrastructure costs and freedom from bloated monthly costs that they may or may not use. The pay-as-you-go model allows businesses to pay for only what they need while having the option to buy more services and capacity when necessary. IaaS also allows companies to employ smaller IT staffs without compromising the success and integrity of the system.
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How Managed IT Services Miami Makes Your Life Easier

Managed IT services Miami were previously only something that large companies could access. Thankfully, businesses of any size can now take advantage of what these providers have to offer. Managed services refers to the outsourcing of business components such as IT management, phone services, cloud computing, or even HR services.


Managed IT Services Miami Are Affordable for Companies of Any Size


At first glance, company owners may think that they can not afford to use managed services. It’s a common misconception that outsourcing office responsibilities is too costly for smaller businesses. Manages service providers (MSP) have made it easy to accommodate the needs of a business regardless of size without being costly. In fact, most companies experience a cost savings benefit by using managed services.

Most business owners pride themselves at being experts in their profession. You call your plumber because he is great at fixing leaks, but you probably wouldn’t call him to back up your computer or process your payroll. This is an example of how many hats a business owner has to wear. By utilizing managed services, company owners are able to focus their attention on what is most important to them.


Managed IT Services Miami Are Made To Fit Your Unique Needs


Another added bonus is that managed IT services Miami providers assume the responsibilities that you hired them for. If you have outsourced your IT management, when something goes wrong it is no longer your problem. Not only that, but you have a highly trained professional taking care of the issues. Your managed service provider also assumes all of the risk. When you hire an MSP to do a job and something doesn’t go right, it’s not on your dime. Therefore, it’s likely that they have worked hard to perfect their process.

As mentioned earlier, companies typically experience a cost savings associated with switching to a managed service provider. One reason for this is because systems that were previously maintained in house are now being purchased, updated and maintained by someone else. Once a company outsources it frees up time for employees to focus on being productive. Company owners are able to be consistent without being sidetracked and derailed.

Your managed service provider will partner with your company and identify your individual and unique needs. As a partner, they will align their services with your goals to help you expand and grow your business. When you hire and MSP you integrate highly trained professionals in to your business, bringing peace of mind and confidence.

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Nerds Support, Inc. provides dependable computer services and IT support for small to medium size businesses throughout Miami, Doral, Coral Gables, Miami Lakes, Fort Lauderdale, Homestead and all surrounding areas in Florida.

Nerds Support, Inc. has been providing businesses with dependable Computer repair, IT support, Maintenance and Managed services throughout Florida since 2005. We understand that increased efficiency and productivity is key to increasing a businesses’ bottom line. Our tailored Network and Managed Services including Computer, Laptop, iPad, and Mac repair will ensure that your technology runs smoothly and allows you to focus on the issues that really matter, like growing your business.

Let Nerds Support be your source for computer repair, IT Service, and data recovery in Miami, FL and you can:

  • Enhance productivity – without disrupting your businesses’ workflow
  • Get more for your money – with a well-planned technology strategy to move your business forward
  • Focus on your businesses’ core – let your technology concerns and PC repair be our responsibility
  • Protect your network – know that our solid security is protecting your electronic assets
  • Breathe easier – knowing your network and data are completely secure

Nerds Support can propel your business to the next level of success with our IT support, IT Services, Cloud Solutions and computer repair services in Miami, FL. Our services are always designed and implemented with your organization’s success in mind.

With computer repair service and IT support in Miami, FL from us, you can be sure that we will do our best to support you with everything your business requires to run at its highest level. Let our superior team of expert support staff shoulder the burden of dealing with your company’s technology maintenance and care, and start moving forward today!
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