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Reliable Cloud Solutions in Miami Can Help You Hire Millennials

As Millennials begin to leave their mark on the workforce, companies have made many attempts to accommodate Millennials by

  • allowing them to work with their own devices
  • encouraging a diverse workplace
  • providing a “hip and fun” workplace to make work more fun

But with having to live in the aftermath of one of the strongest recessions in recent US history,  and having a yearning to find something bigger than ourselves has called on Millennials since childhood, it has become clear that while beanbag chairs and free food are always appreciated, it is simply not what Millennials are looking for.

Millennial Workforce Infographic

Understanding Millennials in the Workforce

Conquering over one-third of the workforce, Millennials have quickly surpassed The Baby Boomers and Generation X as the largest share of the workforce. Like past generations, the average Millennial does not ask for much. All they ask for is a career that will

  • pay them a sustainable wage to live independently
  • provide company benefits for security
  • provide them purpose and allow them to lead fulfilled lives.

As a Miami business owner, it should not be difficult to meet a millennial’s work demands and with a great IT services team, it will not be difficult. One of the many things that can produce a better workplace for your millennial staff are Managed IT Cloud Services. Among disaster recovery plans and email protection, IT companies, like Nerds Support, offer great services such as managed IT services and cloud solutions. This type of service simply means that our award winning IT staff will host your company’s data, or host your company’s servers, in a safe, offsite, location while your business continues to run smoothly. Cloud solution services can be a great thing for your business and your future employees as we will list the best three benefits that cloud solutions could have on your business & how it can help your company’s workplace appeal to Millennial Job Seekers.

    1. Cloud Solutions can increase productivity in your work environment.

      When you have a great IT team working with your company, it already means that you have an advanced team with all the latest knowledge by your side. Most cloud solution providers offer 24/7 management support and real-time solutions to make sure your business stays up and running. With millennials becoming more accustomed to working from their own devices, your company would need remote technology that will allow software to be installed on any authorized device. IT companies that offer cloud solution services, like Miami IT service provider, Nerds Support, are able to host all your critical business applications, while you worry about managing your employees. Having offsite servers monitored by an offsite IT team would give your employees more time to focus on tasks that they were hired to complete, rather than figure out how a server works when they are unable to access their work.

    2. Miami Cloud Solutions can cut office expenses.

      Our secure Miami data centers are climate-controlled and are always closely monitored, meaning an expert IT solutions team would be constantly checking your servers and will immediately notify you of the server’s health. As we may have mentioned before, Millennials are searching for a comfortable work environment with a company that is willing to invest their time and their resources in them, so that they may perform in the best way they can. Having your servers in an offsite data center creates more room in an office environment, allowing your employees to move around more freely and potentially creating a simpler and more organized office environment. The price of maintaining a server is reduced because of the expert IT services that have been invested for your company. With the money that you save, it would be a great opportunity to invest in your own employees by enhancing the work environment or incentivizing employees to go above and beyond, increasing office productivity and creating more satisfied employees in the workplace.

    3. Cloud Solutions helps your business adapt to Miami work trends. 

      As we mentioned earlier, Millennials are becoming more accustomed to working from their own laptops. Offsite servers allow software and critical business applications be installed from any authorized device. This eliminates the need for an in-house IT support team, which saves money, and an expert IT support team is constantly checking your monitors to stop potential problems before they come, which saves time. But that’s not the only work trend that business owners may have to adapt to. Two big work trends that Millennials are rapidly adapting to are using their own devices to work and working remotely.  Millennials value a balance between home life and work life. They find that in their own setting, they are more productive and they work more efficiently. As a matter of fact, in a time of company disaster, millennials and cloud solutions are better equipped to keep your business running, while your competitors might experience a slowdown. If there were a disaster, such as a flood, fire, or even a simple power outage, company servers would be gone and vital company information would be gone in a matter of seconds. However, with cloud solutions you can take comfort in knowing that our 24/7 managed IT support team keeps your servers running and that your employees can easily continue working.

    In an age where information needs to be provided on demand and saving work on numerous computers creates a situation of chaos, it is more important than ever to have a server system. However, rather than spend the money purchasing and maintaining a server, you can use the money your company saves to invest in your company’s work environment and in your employees. With Millennials quickly taking over the workforce, it is clear that a company needs to better accommodate their workspace. This way, a company will be more appealing to job seekers. At Nerds Support, we know that the getting advanced IT support services and working with Cloud solution Providers is the first step to creating an enhanced work environment. To find out more about managed IT services and cloud solutions in Miami, feel free to contact Nerds Support and we will be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.

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