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Alarming Cyber Security Facts Which Can Affect Your Miami Business

Miami Cyber security is the latest buzzword in the IT industry. 2016 was an alarming year for the increase in data breaches and cybersecurity attacks and threats. As 2017 is here, it becomes important to prepare for the potential cybersecurity inferences in our evolving digital landscape.According to latest statistics, 23,000 new malware are noticed every day.We have summed up a few alarming cyber security facts that outline the latest information about security landscape.

#1 – The average company will face 8 cyber attacks a year

On average, a company faces 8 cyber attacks a year. But some businesses face 100+ attacks.

#2 – 54% of businesses predict an increase in cyber attacks

Around 54% professionals noticed an increase in cyber attacks on their company. So, it is imperative to consider cyber security measures to protect your business from cyber-attack.

#3 – The average time to detect a cyber attack is 200 days

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated. So, it becomes harder for businesses to detect them. You need to detect a cyber attack in limited time to protect your company’s data.

#4 – 20% of organizations take a 1 week to recover from an attack

Once your Miami company faces cyber attack, it takes time to recover from it. The majority of businesses take as long as 1 week to recover from cyber attacks. With data loss from a cyber attack, you’ll face the loss of productivity and disruption to your business.

#5 – 62% of companies are less confident in their cyber security

The increasing wave of Miami cyber attacks implies that businesses are less confident in their cyber security. With data loss and all other damage from a cyber attack, it is important for businesses to consider cyber security.

#6 – 45% companies consider lack of skilled personal as the biggest roadblock to stronger cyber security

It’s no secret that almost half the companies consider a lack of skilled staff as a roadblock to stronger cyber security. Companies look for professional help to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

#7 – 41% plan to partner with a managed services provider

Almost half the companies look to initiate the partnership with managed services providers. MSPs offer stronger security and peace of mind to detect cyber attacks.

#8 – 52% are increasing their security budget

On average, 52% companies are increasing their security budget as the potential damage from a successful attack is so high.

Cyber attacks are a direct threat to all types of businesses. If you are looking to protect your Miami business from cyber attacks, contact Nerds Support, Inc. We leverage latest Miami cyber security techniques to protect businesses from cyber threats.