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Cyber Security is Becoming a Miami Small Business Priority

It’s no secret that cyber crimes are increasing all over Miami and the world. More and more Miami businesses ramp up their security efforts and making Miami cybersecurity a bigger priority. Small businesses have become the bigger target of cyber attacks. Generally, hackers often target smaller businesses as these businesses don’t typically have the big cyber security budgets as that of big corporations do.

Important Steps for Miami Business Owners to Take

There are many things you can do to improve the security of your IT assets:

No Unknown Downloads: Avoid downloading files from unknown senders for cyber security.

Check Your Firewalls: Be sure to check that everything is up-to-date on all machines.

Use Latest Virus Protection on All Devices: Choose the latest virus protection on all devices.

Choose Strong Passwords: Weak passwords will give hackers an opportunity to get inside your system.

Update your Operating System Regularly: It is important to update your operating system regularly.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN): VPN providers provide secure data connections between remote workers and your network, which can be beneficial if you send workers into the field.

With the advancement of technology, cyber crimes evolve. Every business needs to understand the dynamic nature of cybersecurity.Don’t store important passwords on any mobile device. Contact Nerds Support today for excellent cybersecurity solutions!