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Cybersecurity Threats Will Impact Your Miami Business

2016 was the year hacking went common and 2017 will be the year hackers innovate and imminent. In the past, Miami cybersecurity was considered the realm of IT Services Miami, but no longer. As more and more companies integrate security into their systems, hackers will also evolve. Backed by the right knowledge, the right solutions and mitigation strategies, companies are able to reduce the risk of a devastating security breach. The latest Webroot Threat Report shows that 84 percent of all phishing sites were active for less than 24 hours and 50% of new mobile apps were malicious or suspicious. Learn more about some of the biggest cyber threats to look out for this year.

Ransomware Attacks: It’s no secret that ransomware is a tremendous threat to users in Miami and worldwide. Hackers can acquire access to your system and encrypt your files. Ransomware can infect hundreds of machines at a time. It is imperative to backup your files with a high-quality data backup solution to protect yourself from ransomware attacks. It will help you keep your files safe.

IoT: As more and more devices are becoming internet-enabled, the need to protect these devices is also increasing. Hackers are leveraging IoT devices for malicious purposes.

Phishing Attacks: The number of phishing attacks is on the rise. Emails disguised as work emails prove the most effective at tricking people into thinking they are legitimate. But these emails are actually fraudulent and ask for credit card and bank account information, as well as other sensitive personal details. Be cautious while clicking on attachments or links from an email to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

Now you’re aware of the cyber crimes that are faced in 2017, you should be on high alert to make sure you won’t be susceptible to hackers or hack attacks. Contact Nerds Support for unrivaled cybersecurity solutions!