Data Backup Service for your business

Data Backup Strategies for Your Business

As our world becomes more and more data driven, it is important that we protect our sensitive information. If a business does not take the proper steps to backup their data, they could lose everything to a hacker, natural disaster or even employee error. When your company’s precious information is suddenly gone, you will have to spend tons of money on restoration and there are no guarantees that you’ll get it all back. This will cost your company its customers and possibly lead to a shut down. Don’t let your organization’s reputation become tainted because you weren’t prepared. Consider the following data backup strategies for your business.


USB Drives for Data Backup

Requiring the use of USB drives for your employees is the simplest form of data backup. USB drives are ideal for data backup of documents, media files, application data and the system as a whole. Choose a drive that works by simply plugging in and starting the backup, without the need to install any software, launch a program or configure backup sets. This will make your life easier and it leaves less room for error.


External Hard Drives or Storage Tape

External hard disk drives (HDDs) and storage tape are other ways to backup your data. They are portable and can be easily moved to an off-site location where the information can be hidden from those who want to steal it. When moved off-site they will be safe if your office falls victim to a fire, flood or other catastrophe. The discs can be brought home every night or sent to a safe-deposit box every few days. If your business is small, it is more affordable to use DVDs or Blu-ray discs as opposed to tape drives. Always store the discs in a dark, cool place out of the direct sunlight so that they do not suffer from “bit rot” and they should only be used as short-term backups.


Cloud Storage Services

When you use cloud storage, not only is your information stored safely off-site, but it is housed at several storage centers around the world. It is important to choose a cloud service provider that has been doing business for awhile and has a solid reputation for being reliable. Before you entrust your sensitive data to any organization for protective storage, make sure to always scramble the information with robust encryption. The cloud-storage provider should be willing to send your data backups to you via tangible media if it takes too long for a complete download. The cloud is perfect for alleviating significant data loss catastrophes.


These are just a few of the ways your organization can protect its sensitive information. Contact us if you have any questions about data backup for your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you decide which strategies are the best for your company.