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Why Miami Businesses Have Shifted from Differential to Incremental Backup Software

Backing up data takes time, hardware, software, planning, executing, and maintenance. This is especially true if you are a business owner in Miami, Doral and Ft. Lauderdale. In fact, the only time you’re really happy about it is whenever you happen to experience data loss, as you can then restore the lost data fairly quickly.  The good news is, data backup has evolved since its genesis, and the old-style differential backup software is quickly being replaced by incremental backup software. Here’s why:


Differential Backup Software Takes Time Away from Miami Business Owners

Yes, it’s confusing: differential backup software takes incrementally longer than incremental backup software. But it does. Let’s say you do a full differential backup on Monday. On Tuesday, your differential software will only backup files that changed since Monday. Then, on Wednesday, your differential software will then backup all files that have changed since that full backup on Monday. (Yes, even the stuff it backed up yesterday.) By the end of the month, your differential backup software is backing up around 30 days worth of data, and it will continue to do so until your next full backup. Sound time-consuming? That’s because it is.


Incremental Backup Software Significantly Cuts Backup Time

Now let’s look at how incremental backup software handles things: let’s go back to that full backup you did on Monday. On Tuesday, your incremental software will also only backup files that changed since Monday. Then, on Wednesday, your incremental software will only backup files that have changed yesterday. And so on and so forth. This dramatically shortens the amount of daily data transfer and backup time. Plus, when you need to grab a file from your backup system, it’s available for you at your leisure.


It’s Time to Step into Modern Data Protection with Incremental Backup Software

If you’re still using differential backup software, you’re using outdated technology. Let Nerds Support show you how much better, faster, and easier your backup system can be with incremental backup software. Give us a call and let’s discuss.