Get More Out of Your IT with A Free Computer Inspection

Get More Out of Your IT with A Free Computer Inspection


Tired of dealing with pesky computer issues? This no obligation 27-Point Audit will highlight any problems your network might be experiencing.

“I need this thing to perform the way it said it would when I bought it!” Have you ever been guilty of saying this out loud? If the answer is yes, call us. We can help without emptying your wallet.

As a potential customer, we want to make this 27-point inspection free to you as we check for the following:

  • Any issues with the computing network as a whole
  • Make sure the overall continuity of your information backups is intact (Remember: Failed tape backups happen nearly 80% of the time. Prevent the problem, don’t wait for one to happen)
  • Search for viruses, spyware and security breakdowns that could welcome hackers to tap into vital information.
  • Discover any issues with server logs that could result in unforeseen shutdowns.
  • Explain all your inquiries about various improvements or upgrades, using new software, remote access and everything in between.

Don’t wait in line for repairs, contact us today!