How to Delete Yourself from the Internet?

In the days where everyone is going online and digital, many of us still worry about being tracked down. Well, after the ransomware attack in move one is bound to be worried in that case. Where one may think of protecting the massive data widespread and growing tenfold each day, others might think of just going the easy way “deleting themselves from the internet” entirely.

When it comes to deleting yourself from the most widespread sickness and network, isn’t a handy task. But before deciding to delete yourself from this network there are two things which you must know before opting for it. These two can be termed as good and bad news. Where the bad news is that however hard you try, you can’t completely delete or erase yourself from this web. It is so because since the mid-1990s government organizations, and other institutes have stored and published your data online, and when you try to remove yourself there are still traces of your data left and will persist. Whereas, the good news is you can remove majority data and thus reduce your digital presence.

Here’s how you can go about deleting or reducing your digital presence:

Delete Your Online Accounts: You have a number of accounts that you possibly planned to have and that is the truth these days. With a number of applications asking you to permit access to your basic information is just doing what you’ve always feared. The different services provided by Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Google, etc. are just keeping a track of all your information. Thus it is advisable to delete your accounts and withdraw all permissions. This may seem like a hefty task as each of these service providers have their own deactivation and deletion process. But in the end, this may serve you just right.

Delete Email Accounts: This is the step where most of you may and will at certain point disagree and back off. But believe it or not, email is the most preferred mode of online communication, transactions, and other legit purposes. But if your account is open, it won’t be long that it’ll be hacked without you knowing about it. But to delete these accounts turns out to make you stay way safer in this online world than any other method. Follow the methods for provided by various email service providers to delete your account and hence your entire data!

Try Using A VPN: VPN stands for Virtual private network. If you are not willing to entirely give up using the internet, as is in most of the cases, as giving up the use of Internet means giving up any sort of online activity at all. Thus a VPN will encrypt your data and give you a safer environment to stay online and proceed within the digital world without exposing much about yourself.

Try Getting in Contact with 3rd Party Data Deletion Organizations: after going through and completing each of the above-mentioned tasks, you can also go for this method to erase even the least bit of your digital presence that remains after the rigorous and unwilling steps you took to delete yourself from the internet. Get in touch with these 3rd party data deletion companies who will bear the numerous hoops that data brokers and historical checkers require you to jump via.

Follow these steps and get yourself deleted from the internet!!