Hurricane Mathew hitting florida

Hurricane Matthew : A Wake up Call for Miami


After a long night, Hurricane Matthew finally passed our way. Thankfully, it could have been worst .

When  talking to other Business owners this morning, we all came up to the same conclusion :

The worst issue you can have as a business owner is procrastination. With a storm the size of Hurricane Matthew, there is absolutely no reason for any Miami business owner to wait until the last minute to discuss what their disaster recovery Miami options are.

This is a wake up call to always have a contingency plan in place for such events. The fact remains that the human race will never beat Mother Nature and that is a fact you can always rely on.

If your business is not prepared for a disaster or any other force of nature that can cripple your business’ operations, you are under a huge risk, schedule to speak with us!

At Nerds Support Inc, we  deliver Miami Disaster recovery and Business Continuity solutions that are :

  • Deployed quickly and remotely – installs remotely in hours without requiring any changes to your environment
  • Tested and validated anytime – recovers your applications in your cloud with one click of a button
  • Granular – allows you to pick specific applications to protect, regardless of their physical server or storage location
  • Comprehensive – provides robust replication and offsite backup in one simple product
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Software only – no capital expenditures, no changes to environment
  • All disaster recovery servers are stored on our Private Data Center .

Nerds Support Inc , is  committed to our community concerns and engaged to help other businesses in this hard moments.

If, your business has experienced any damages, you need any kind of Disaster Recovery and Data Back up assistance or have further questions please  reach out to usWe are here to help !

For more information on how to keep your Business running after a major Natural Disaster check out our Free eBook .

Be smart and Keep Safe.