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Top 5 IT Support Miami Relocation Tips For Your Big Move

Your IT infrastructure–especially your servers–is your organization’s lifeline. Without it, you could lose important enterprise data and your business could suffer. That’s why it’s extremely important to handle your equipment with care as your prepare for an IT relocation. Here are five IT relocation tips that’ll save you serious downtime and get your business back up and running in no time.

Rethink Your Current Miami IT Infrastructure

Moving to a new office space may also indicate the time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Maybe your computers are crashing at random times, or you’ve outgrown your current data storage capacity? An office move is the perfect time to rethink your current Miami IT infrastructure and consider upgrading your systems and network to accommodate your growing needs. It’s wise to reach out to an experienced IT consultant to determine the best upgrade solutions for your business.

Benefit From a Pre-Move Audit

A pre-move audit is essentially a rundown of the current state of your company’s technology. Are all of your IT assets of value to your business needs and day-to-day operations? A full assessment of your existing hardware and software can help you understand how your IT infrastructure functions. So that when you plan for an IT relocation, you’ll know exactly what needs to be packed, moved, and set up in the proper locations.

Hire Professionals for Your IT Support Miami Relocation

When moving homes, it’s perfectly normal to hire a team of traditional movers to handle your furniture and other home goods. But servers and IT hardware require a little extra TLC. Technology is fragile, so you should only trust IT relocation specialists to handle your business-critical equipment. That way all the tedious but important relocation tasks–like data cabling and rack management–can be done properly, and your business can minimize on unnecessary downtime.

Make Sure to Back Up Important Data

Backing up your data is one of the most important tips to consider for a successful IT relocation. No matter how carefully you handle your hardware and servers, sometimes the simple act of unplugging it can lead to lost data or machine failure. Doing a complete backup of all your systems and hardware will ensure that you don’t run the risk of losing any piece of important company data.

Reconfigure and Test Your Hardware/Software

Before your IT relocation team heads out the door, make sure they do a proper reinstallation and reconfiguration of your hardware. This is to ensure that your new IT infrastructure allows you to meet your business-specific needs and run your company in the most efficient way possible.