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A Modern Way of Collaborating

  • Data automatically syncs across all your devices. No matter the device you’re using (tablet, laptop, work computer, or mobile device) or location (client’s office, business conference, or off-shore factory), you can access your data and applications.
  • Allow your employees to work safely from anywhere and on any approved device.  This helps during times of disasters.
  • Unify your firm’s business data, applications, websites, and files into one place.

Compliance with SaaS and RegTech

  • Compliance with FINRA, SEC, SOX, OCIE, HIPAA, HUD, GLB, and other regulations.
  • As regulations change every year, our  SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Solution addresses these rapid changes.
  • Present to regulators detailed reporting about the firm’s activity across devices.
  • Save millions in compliance by reducing the margin of error
  • Stay ahead of the competition, according to CB Insights, only 17% of firms have implemented RegTech

Protect Your Business From Hackers, 100% of The Time

  • Set controls and approve devices from the comfort of your work station
  • Two-factor authentication, activity logging, device monitoring, encryption, and more
  • Monitor and Track your Employees online activity with the click of a button
  • Gain visibility into users’ activities through alerts and reports
  • Our secure data center has business continuity plans  that hacker proof your firm
  • 24/7 IT and Cloud support

Your Firm is in Good Hands

We have a top-tier network engineering team that has received recognition by prestigious publications such as The South Florida Business Journal, CRN Magazine, and Channel Futures. Our team constantly keeps learning and continues to get accreditation from Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware. We also have experience working for some of the largest companies in the South Florida area. Your network security is our top priority! Get peace of mind knowing that we see you as a partner and not just a client. With Nerds Support guiding you every step of the way start your cloud computing journey today!

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