Nerds Support employee gets happy after receiving an Instant Messaging message

Instant Messaging for Your Miami Business IT Support

For a business in a competitive industry, effective communication can be the difference between massive success and complete failure. Being able to effectively communicate both inside and outside of the office is a massive asset that shouldn’t be underestimated when building your organization. Video conferencing technology is continually advancing, but in most cases, you can fall back on a classic tool: instant messaging. Originally popularized in the 90s, instant messaging has been a social tool for decades but is just beginning to see real use within organizations as a legitimate communications tool.

Instant messaging in your business is a powerful digital solution that can make life just a little bit easier for you and your employees.

Instant Messaging is a Gateway to Other Digital Solutions for Business IT Support

If your business is in the early stages of going digital, acclimating your employees to communicating through instant messaging is a great way to build a culture that is open to more digital solutions in the future. Instant messaging can make employees more open to video conferencing, file sharing, and integrating their personal devices into their work life.

If your business is split between multiple locations or relies on employees working from home or freelance employees working from out of town, instant messaging is a great way to bring employees closer together without having to cram them in the same physical location or cause unnecessary noise with telephone conversations and physical meetings in the office.

Instant Messaging Creates Organizational Efficiency

Imagine trying to relay information in the office without instant messaging. Unless your desk is in the same room as the person you need to speak with, your options are limited to a phone call, a trek to a different part of the building, or shouting, all of which can be disruptive to you and those around you, and none of which are necessarily clear and concise.

Instant messaging is a simple way to communicate clearly and effectively with employees at your business without disrupting the workplace, and most instant messaging services are native to your desktop and don’t require a glance down at a phone or tablet.

When properly implemented, instant messaging can also facilitate enterprise mobility efforts. When employees can communicate quickly and quietly with those in the office, it becomes feasible to let employees work remotely once or twice a week. Working from home or a local coffee shop can be a relaxing alternative to spending time in the office as long as employees are reminded that time spent working remotely is still a time for work.

When preparing a Miami business for the future and optimizing it for the present, instant messaging is an ideal place to start. At Nerds Support, we’re committed to helping your business run as smoothly and intelligently as possible. If you’re thinking about moving forward with instant messaging or any other digital solution, get in touch! We can’t wait to help you get moving.