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Miami Data Backup is the Key to Business Continuity

Have you ever wondered where your data goes once it has been backed up? The use of cloud-based backup data services is providing consumers with a sense of relief that they won’t lose the most important items on their computer, but what about the security of the backed up information? It is important to maintain a backup schedule to ensure that you don’t lose everything if something goes wrong. It would be difficult to operate your Florida business if you were unable to access your business files and software programs.

The data on your Miami business and personal computer is the most important feature and function on the devices. If you were to experience a mechanical or technical failure, your computer’s applications may be restored to the factory settings, but everything else that makes the computer critical for your daily business operations will be lost and it can rarely be recovered if it is not backed up. The majority of businesses (about 80%) experiencing loss of data will go out of business within a year. Our Miami IT Consultants can prevent this from happening to you!

What is Miami Data Backup?

You hear about Miami data backup all the time, and read about it on every technical website or blog – but do you really understand what it is? A backup is a critical part of your recovery plan. Backing up, or making a copy of your important files and information, takes just seconds. The backup copy should be stored at an offsite location or in the cloud (or a combination of both) to reduce the risks of both your original data and the backup copy being destroyed in some sort of disaster that physically affects your building.

Frequent backups guarantee that all of the information and data you backup is up to date. A backup will only recover the information that you have copied up to a certain point in time. So, if you only backup your computer every 30 days and you experience a failure at day 25, you’re going to have 25 days’ worth of data that hasn’t been updated to your backup copy. This is better than most businesses, but it can still cause hardships for the business that can be avoided with more frequent and comprehensive Miami data backup plans. The key to a successful and comprehensive recovery of data is redundancy. You can never backup your data too often! Businesses should consider making backups a required step in daily business operations, and partnering with Miami business continuity providers, Nerds Support, to ensure you are doing everything you need to do to operate your business after data loss or disaster.

Common Data Disasters

You are always at risk of losing the data on your work and personal computers. A data disaster isn’t limited to a computer crash; there are many events that can lead to a loss, including:

  • Natural disasters
  • Loss of power
  • Human error
  • IT hardware and software failure
  • Network failure
  • Malicious intent and terrorism

What Should You have Miami Data Backup?

Consider where you are the most vulnerable and determine what files and data you require to operate your business. These are the files and information you need access to immediately after experiencing a failure of some kind. Consider important files, but also media or software that you may have paid for as well. What do you need to resume your business?

  • Email
  • Browsers
  • Drivers
  • Social networking feeds
  • Business records and data

Tips for Choosing a Miami Data Backup System

There are many options available to consumers who are considering a backup system. When selecting a backup method that meets the needs of the consumer, it is important to review the encryption requirements for each backup service and federal regulations regarding backup security. This is a lot for a business owner to take on, especially if you don’t consider yourself “high tech”. For Florida business owners, working with the Miami IT Consultants from Nerds Support for the creation of a backup system and business continuity plan is the solution. Give us a call or fill out our form for a free consultation to see how we can help you plan for business continuity with Miami data backups.