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A Backup Plan is Not the Same as a Disaster Recovery Plan

Some companies set up an automatic system for backing up their company data and feel like they are covered against disasters. This is a mistake – a backup plan is not the same as a disaster recovery plan, and while you need to backup your data if you hope to overcome data loss, that is only one part of a complete Miami disaster recovery plan. Here is information about data recovery Miami businesses can count on:

Problems with Miami Data Backup Software

If you use a basic data backup software to routinely backup your organization’s information, you might discover the software fails at some point. You could believe your data is being backed up regularly, only to discover after you need to retrieve something that the software was not backing up the data as you thought! For companies relying on their routine data backup as their “disaster recovery plan”, you are going to be in big trouble if your data backup wasn’t working if you experience a disaster that requires reloading all of your backed up data.

Problems Restoring Data From Backup

The purpose of backing up your data is to make sure you can get to it if there is a hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, or some other disaster that results in the loss of your equipment or data. While there are many third-party programs and companies providing backup services, is the information being backed up in such a way that it can be restored and used?

We have heard of companies using a backup company that uses tapes rather than the cloud-based storage solutions we offer from our Miami data recovery company, Nerds Support. If these companies need to restore their data, they quickly find out that striping their data across tapes for backup creates a puzzle of information that has to be rebuilt before it can be used. If you’re missing even one tape, you probably will be unable to solve the puzzle and therefore unable to restore your data.

You Need Recovery Tools to Restore Your Backed Up Data

A Miami data recovery plan will protect your business against data loss, theft, or equipment failures through a comprehensive backup system and a plan to recover your business. Business continuity/recovery plans don’t just save copies of the information your business uses each day, but also creates a plan to access it and restore the data to your network after a situation occurs. Downtime is reduced or eliminated, allowing you to continue operating business-as-usual from your backup copies, and keeping your organization from going out of business after data loss. Virtualization is an important part of Nerds Support’s Miami data recovery. Miami businesses can trust their business will continue even when faced with data loss.