Nerds Support Client of the Month: Expo Convention Contractors

Expo Convention Contractors the largest company of it’s kind in the South Florida area is the client of the month and will receive a donation to the charity of their choice. Nerds Support is the leading IT & computer support company in Miami.

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 14, 2010
– Our December client of the month is a 2nd generation family business started by Richard Curran.

Richard is the founder of Expo Convention Contractors ( and has been in the trade show business for over 40 years. Since the beginning of when he first got into the industry he has seen major technological changes and has seen how those changes have impacted the way that companies conduct business. Richard Curran has embraced those changes and has managed to move up from being a worker on the trade show floor to finding Expo and growing it into the biggest convention contractor in the South Florida region.

The current Vice-President and general manager of Expo Convention Contractors is Rich Curran Jr the founder’s son. He shared that Expo Convention Contractors currently has 54 employees and has had 20% growth in the past 8 years. Miami is well known for its conventions and trade show gatherings and Expo Convention Contractors is right in the middle of that scene. They have worked for the famous Antique Show in Miami Beach for the past 30 years. Recently they have also acquired The International Boat Show (The largest Miami boat show) as their new client. With all this growth they are now shifting their focus on capturing a bigger market share especially in areas such as Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Although, in times of recession marketing dollars are usually the first cut and thereby trade show spending also drops this hasn’t affected Expo. Expo claims that because much like Nerds Support they have taken a proactive approach in wowing their customers and delivering on their promise they have not only retained their clients but have also grown during their past years.

Rich shared that one of the most important changes that he’s seen is how customers now expect an immediate response. Social media has spoiled us in the sense that we want everyone to be accessible and easy to get a hold of, especially people and companies that we are working with. This back and forth communication has made technology a critical part of the business. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a world without cellphone, email and instant messaging. “When my father first started in the industry no one had cellphones and only few had beepers” Said Rich.

“Expo Convention Contractors has had no computer crashes in the past 5 years and because of Nerds Support’s proactive approach and constant maintenance has minimized the system’s downtime especially with the glitches that happen with outside services and vendors.” Rich proudly stated. He then continued and shared that one of the biggest benefits of working with Nerds Support is “I never have to worry about getting on the phone and talking to our ISP or phone vendors. I can rest assured that I ever have issues with them Nerds Support will handled all the technology related issues on our behalf.”

Nerds Support congratulates Expo Convention Contractors on their success and will be donating $50 to the charity of their choice. We are grateful and honored to have Expo as a client and member of the Nerds Support family. To learn more about Expo Convention Contractors and how they can help you and your business contact them by visiting:

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