It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a private network or public access network, a proprietary intranet or some combination of all of these types of networks – network security is necessary to the health and success of your business. Think about all of the potential security threats that exist: viruses, malware, theft of personal and financial information, and spam emails.  Online threats to your network are always changing and the criminals are getting more sophisticated with their approach.  You need a company like Nerds Support that will stay on top of the changing security threats, and take precautions before it’s too late.  Our network security and compliance solutions allow you to keep hackers and intruders out of your system while allowing approved users full access to everything they should be able to access.

Our Network Security and Compliance Solution Includes:

  • Firewall installation and maintenance
  • Anytime, anywhere access to approved individuals while blocking access to everyone else
  • Compliance with GLBA, PCI, SOX and HIPAA requirements
  • Personal, business, and sensitive customer data protection and secure archiving which meets regulations

Contact us if you are ready to protect your company data and customer information and want to learn more about our network security and compliance services. We will ensure your employees and any approved individuals or businesses can access the portions of your network that they need anytime and from any location – while keeping everyone else out.

Our Network Security and Compliance Services reduce risks before they can reach your network, and reduce your security and compliance expenses.