disaster recovery for city national bank

Local Disaster Shuts Down More Than 50 Businesses for Over 2 Weeks. See How Nerds Support Kept One Business Open

When we think about disasters today, we think of hurricanes, fires, theft, and sprinkler heads going off and breaking – no one in a million years would think about a disaster recovery plan for a lightning strike or long term power outage. No one really ever thinks about this type of disaster and how it might affect their business – but Nerds Support’s IT Support Miami team ensured our client, Klein Mendez & Rothbard LLC, was prepared for it!


When KMR met us, they had 2 servers in their office that were about 5 years old. They knew they had to think about replacing them, and they figured with all of the technology out there – there had to be a better way.


KMR is a CPA firm with 2 offices. One in Aventura, Florida and one in Cora Gables, Florida.  The Cora Gables office would connect remotely to the terminal server in the Aventura office. Over the last few years, there was several instances where the Cora Gables office couldn’t work because there was an internet issue, a power outage, or something in the remote office that prevented them from connecting. They knew they needed a better solution.


Nerds Support went in and evaluated their current situation and came up with a total solution. KMR, being a CPA firm,  understands the value of using an expense versus capital expenditure and depreciation. So, we built them a total solution that would allow them to budget their expenses for their cloud solution.  They like the fact that their fees are based on the number of users – so during tax season they can bring more employees on board and are just charged more during that time period, and when things slow down and they have less employees, they can pay less based on the fewer number of users.


After having the cloud solution and disaster recovery plan for about a year, they really saw the value when Marty Rothbarg working in the Aventura KMR office was working late and spilled a glass of wine on his laptop. He thought he was going to have to run out the next morning and get a new laptop for the office – but he remembered there was an older PC in the closet that he could use. He contacted Nerds Support for instructions, plugged in the old PC, set it up using a 10 minute installation, and that’s it! He was up and running.


On Monday, July 14th, at around 11:30 in the morning, a lightning strike hit a transformer outside the building and it blew up. The building went completely black. Marty Rothbarg figured he’d step away for lunch and when he got back he’d be able to continue working.  But when he returned, he found out the building was still black, so he informed the employees they could go and work from home. He was thinking about how great it was he didn’t have to lose a half a day’s work with his employees, and figured they’d come in on Tuesday and everyone would be able to work as usual.


Around 9:30 at night, the transformer was replaced. But when they went to power back up, they reversed the polarity. When they started it up, it started a small electrical fire in the building!


Tuesday morning, everyone comes into the office to discover it is still without power, and the expectation is they will likely be without power for about four days. Marty was thinking about how great it was that they had Nerds Support put a system in place that would allow them to continue working during this time period.


A week later, they have a meeting and they learn it’s going to be another 7 days before they can return to work in the office!  July 26th and they still don’t have power in the building and they won’t for another 5 to 7 days! Can you imagine what would have happened if KMR did not have the cloud solution from Nerds Support which allowed them to continue operating business as-usual?


Marty met with Scott from Nerds Support  for a quick lunch and to go into the building. Marty said the only reason he needed to go into the building is to pick up the mail. The only inconvenience this whole situation has really caused him is learning how to go digital because they didn’t have their big all-in-one scanner and printer. While KMR doesn’t really print all that much, they scan their mail directly into the cloud to start using right away. Marty has started providing Nerds with a few referrals because he’s so happy with how this all worked out.


When stopping into the office building to get mail, Marty told Nerds Support he would see people from other companies in the same building carrying out computers and servers, to set it up somewhere else to work. The KMR team has not had to do any of that since they can work from anywhere and any device.  Nerds Support also provides hardware as a service as part of the cloud solution for KMR – we bring them the computers, monitors, keyboards and mice – so they only thing the client has to provide is battery backups.

Overall, KMR has enjoyed working with Nerds Support and are about to renew their agreement with Nerds Support again for another three years.