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Why eCommerce Companies Need Cyber Security

It’s no secret that eCommerce industry is booming. The industry revenue reached from $567 billion in 2013 to $877 billion in 2015. Many eCommerce companies just focus on their growth. They neglect the need of cyber security. In order to maintain a digital presence, they need multiple partners in their supply chains to deliver their goods. And these partners are potential vulnerabilities.Even big eCommerce companies are not spared from cyber crimes.

Millions of buyers purchase online via eCommerce sites and these sites require them to set up accounts by adding their personal information. With each set of personal information, eCommerce databases are more prone to cyber crimes.Hacker attacks such as website blocking are affecting the retail businesses badly. Keep in mind that the retail sector is the top target for hackers.As all eCommerce companies are heavily dependent on technology, the price for security failure is too much for them.Let’s have a look at common vulnerabilities that eCommerce systems can have.

SQL Injection: Majority of eCommerce systems databases that store payments. A hacker attack on the database can harm your server.

Price Manipulation: Many eCommerce software has vulnerabilities that allow hackers to add lower prices into the URLs

Cross-Site Scripting: Hackers can add scripts to alter eCommerce websites to steal their data that will allow them to impersonate a verified user.

DDOS Attack: A common hacker attack where attacks flood a specific website with lots of fake traffic to harm the system.

Protect Your eCommerce Business

Strengthen Security Defenses: Most of the attacker’s access eCommerce websites by exploiting broken links. You can prevent that by having web applications firewalls and VPNs.

Update Your Software and Applications: It is important to update your software and applications regularly. It will help to protect you from newfound vulnerabilities.

Be Cyber Aware: It is important to understand how scams work in an organization. By being cyber aware, you can save your organization from hacker attacks.

Monitor Your Networks Regularly: The important to identifying suspicious activities. Detecting a cyber attack prevents the spread of malware.

The eCommerce industry is a major target for cybercriminals. Protecting it can be quite challenging but understanding the security requirement to save your business can help you win the battle of cyber security.