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Soft Phones or Hard Lines: Which One is Best for Your Miami Business?

The lines have blurred. Land lines are very nearly a way of the past, a forgotten time when memorizing a phone number was a requirement of life. In the office we now meander between the world of using the tried and true hard line phones and soft phones. Hard lines, still connected directly through whatever preferred vendor you most likely have a longstanding relationship with have been with us all through the thick and thin. They helped us connect with our clients of the past, which have allowed us to be where we are today. There is another way, though. With soft phones, using a system otherwise known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), you are able to connect simply by using your internet. Now where do you and your business fit into all of this? Let us help you figure that out.


Mighty Mouse Scenario for Businesses in South Florida


This is great! You’ve started a business in Doral and you feel good about where you’re at. There’s room to grow, but your priority right now is focusing on your clients and keeping them happy. To do this though you need to stay connected, which means a reliable way of communication. Given the size of the company, the soft phone could be a solid option to save a bit of money instead of having to use a vendor with a high priced monthly plan. This would allow you to reach out office-wide, but also even world wide as the internet is nearly limitless in it’s reach.


Up, Up, and Away!


Your business is growing, it’s time to expand. The sky’s the limit and you’re unsure of where your current phone service fits into your grand scheme. It’s a hard question, but a necessary one to take into account as you grow. As the business grows, a blend of both hard line and soft phone could be a smart way to be able to offer the flexibility for your clients as you may have clients of varying size. The soft phone will allow you to keep in contact with your smaller or international clients while the hard line could allow you the most reliable and highest quality service that larger clients would come to expect.


VOIP Phone for business

More Than a Phone System: 5 Reasons To Use Miami VoIP Phone Services

How often do you go to work and stay at your desk for the duration of the business day? Miami business owners rarely stick to their desk and most have a hard time keeping their business activities confined to a standard eight-hour work day. As the business world changes, businesses must adapt to keep up with their competitors and technology must accommodate the changes in how we do business.  Miami VoIP Phone Services (voice over internet protocol) is a phone system that helps you adapt to the changing business world and offer a wide range of benefits to the business:

1. No On-Site Equipment Needed With Miami Hosted Phone Solutions

VoIP is a hosted phone solution, which means we handle the equipment for you.  You won’t need to find space in your office or hire contractors to run wires or make it possible to transfer calls from one employee to another.  We set it all up for you, including hosting of the system.

2. Designed for Business Growth

If you’re looking for a phone solution that will work in multiple locations or can be easily transported, VoIP is the answer.  VoIP will work for you whether your employees are all in one office or spread out across the country, working remotely from their home offices.  When you grow your business, your phone system will grow right alongside you and provide the same communication system simply by adding more phones.

3. Use Your Phone and Features Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection

One of the lesser known benefits of a VoIP solution is the ability to take your office phone and all of its features with you even when you’re traveling.  Redirect your phone numbers to wherever you are (your mobile phone, or your hotel room, for example) and your customers or employees will never know you are in a different location.  Access messages or transfer calls just as you would from your office.

4. Always Up to Date

Since the VoIP solution doesn’t require hardware, any updates that are required will be received automatically.  You won’t have to update anything manually or remember to check for updates.

5. Reduce Your Phone Bill and Administrative Costs

Your VoIP system will provide a predictable monthly bill for your phone service, which will save you 30-60% from your current phone bill.  Additionally, many business owners find they can reduce the number of receptionists they hire because of the VoIP system’s ability to greet callers and provide a menu system to direct calls where they need to go.


VoIP technology offers smaller businesses the opportunity to compete with larger businesses.  Communication tools that were previously only available to larger businesses with more money to spend are now available on a smaller business budget. Let’s talk about your phone and communication needs and see whether VoIP is a good solution for your business.