Petya ransomware attack

A Massive New Ransomware Attack Named Petya is Spreading Around Miami and the Globe

Watch out! Another ransomware attack named Petya. Yes, WannaCryransomware is not dead yet. A massive ransomware attack is shutting computer systems at companies and banks across Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, UK, India, and Europe. Petya ransomware is a nasty piece of ransomware and works differently from other malware. This ransomware does not encrypt files on a target system. Petya encrypts the hard drive’s master file table (MFT) and restricts access to the full system by seizing information about file names. Without a proper IT support Miami team, this ransomware is very likely to hit your business.

This ransomware attack hits around 2,000 computers in 12+ countries including the UK, US, France and Germany. Ukraine was the most affected country where the Chernobyl nuclear power plant systems were switched to manual.

Computer systems that have the most recent update of Microsoft’s software are safe from the attack. It is advisable to check you have installed the latest version of Windows.Victims should never pay the ransom as it encourages the hackers. Even if victims pay there is no guarantee that they will get back all their files.In order to protect yourself against any ransomware attack, you must be careful about unwanted files and documents sent over an email and should ignore links inside them if they are unverified.Be sure to run an effective anti-virus security suite on your PC and keep it up-to-date.

It is advisable to consult an IT Support Company to secure your wireless network, backup your business data, detect phishing scams and a lot more.



Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan for a rainy day or a disaster

The Importance of a Miami Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Have you established a data backup and disaster recovery plan for your business yet? If not, remember this, the Miami area has officially entered hurricane season. When hurricane season hits, businesses frequently experience power outages, flooding, electrical fires and other destruction that leads to loss of data and the prevention of the company from operating at all. Hurricane season is technically June 1 through November 30, but occasionally severe storms will occur outside of these dates. While we prepare our homes and families, we must prepare our company’s crucial data. Putting a Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan in place can protect your business from an eminent shutdown.


What is a Business Disaster Recovery Plan?

A BDR is a solution to backup a company’s data so it can be recovered in case of a serious malfunction like a server going down, or a disaster such as a fire or flood. There are different methods of backup. Some companies use a hosted cloud server, while others backup to an external hard drive, USB drive, Network Attached Storage device mirror to another server and more.


Consequences of Not Having a BDR Plan

Without a BDR plan, your company is extremely vulnerable when a disaster strikes. Possible and likely consequences are:

  • Loss of confidential data
  • Cost of downtime, by losing days of work while trying to restore data
  • No way no recover data
  • Loss of clients
  • Loss of reputation

Many companies without a BDR plan never fully recover and the others completely go out of business.

Businesses in Miami and the surrounding Florida areas always have the threat of hurricanes on their minds, and we have seen the devastating destruction they leave behind. Even a tropical storm will significantly leave its mark on land. If you’re not too concerned about weather, there are other possibilities you should remember. Network problems and computer equipment failures can happen to any company. Let’s not forget data breaches by hackers looking to find financial and personal information belonging to clients and employees.


How a BDR Plan Protects Your Company’s Data

With a BDR plan, your business is protected against loss of data, equipment failure or theft. An IT Service like Nerds Support will work with your business to customize a solution that involves planning, prevention and protection in the event of a disaster. Our team works to routinely update the BDR plan if your company expands by adding another branch, new equipment is added or more employees are hired. We will ensure that you can access and fully recover all of your stored data. This will eliminate downtime that hinders your company’s ability to continue working and earn money. The BDR plan will work in conjunction with a Business Continuity plan and the virtualization of your network, so that your business will be up and running again in minutes, as if nothing ever happened.


Contact us if you have questions about establishing a Business Disaster Recovery plan for your company, large or small. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer all of your inquiries in a timely fashion!

Data Recovery Miami

The 7 Best Ways To Protect Your Miami Business Data

At the heart of every successful Miami organization is a compilation of important documentation, data and records. Finances, personnel files, budgeting data, accounting… it’s a long list. Here are seven top ways that you can protect your Miami business data from being lost or destroyed.

1. Know where your data is, so that it can be protected. It is important to keep your information in a central location, ensuring that all of your critical files and information can be easily located.

2. Establish a routine for compiling this data and updating it. Many businesses delegate the maintenance of important data to different departments. It’s crucial that each piece of the puzzle is working together to ensure that your data files are kept up to date.

3. Keeping your Miami business data backed up is one of the only ways you will be able to ensure that your files are safeguarded. This can be a complex process. First, make sure that your backups are automated. This creates a routine and eliminates user error as the process is initiated by a computer instead of a person. Once the backup process is established make sure that it is complete. Go back to yesterday’s files and make sure that everything is up to date.

4. Backing up your data is only one step to ensure that data is protected. In addition to backing up your files, you should keep copies of that data in several locations. What good will it do if the system containing your backup files crashes or incurs damage? Create an automated process that duplicates your backup files in a second and third location.

5. One of the worst times to find out that your backup system is flawed, broken or incomplete is during an IT crash or crisis. It can be hard to prioritize Miami IT support, but keep in mind how important your Miami business data is to the success of your business. Take time out to do a practice run in restoring your data to ensure that you are prepared for untimely disasters.

6. Keeping your IT hardware and software updated also plays an important role, as this will guarantee the integrity of your IT system. Many companies are turning to cloud computing instead of keeping their IT systems in house, which delegates this responsibility elsewhere. In addition to making sure your IT infrastructure is up to date you will also want to make sure you have a firewall in place to place an extra layer of protection between the internet and your data.

7. Review your process and update it regularly.

Losing vital company data can be crippling, so be sure to implement these steps. Ensuring that your data can be easily restored means that should disaster strike you will be on your way to recovery instead of worrying about survival.

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Miami Data Backup is the Key to Business Continuity

Have you ever wondered where your data goes once it has been backed up? The use of cloud-based backup data services is providing consumers with a sense of relief that they won’t lose the most important items on their computer, but what about the security of the backed up information? It is important to maintain a backup schedule to ensure that you don’t lose everything if something goes wrong. It would be difficult to operate your Florida business if you were unable to access your business files and software programs.

The data on your Miami business and personal computer is the most important feature and function on the devices. If you were to experience a mechanical or technical failure, your computer’s applications may be restored to the factory settings, but everything else that makes the computer critical for your daily business operations will be lost and it can rarely be recovered if it is not backed up. The majority of businesses (about 80%) experiencing loss of data will go out of business within a year. Our Miami IT Consultants can prevent this from happening to you!

What is Miami Data Backup?

You hear about Miami data backup all the time, and read about it on every technical website or blog – but do you really understand what it is? A backup is a critical part of your recovery plan. Backing up, or making a copy of your important files and information, takes just seconds. The backup copy should be stored at an offsite location or in the cloud (or a combination of both) to reduce the risks of both your original data and the backup copy being destroyed in some sort of disaster that physically affects your building.

Frequent backups guarantee that all of the information and data you backup is up to date. A backup will only recover the information that you have copied up to a certain point in time. So, if you only backup your computer every 30 days and you experience a failure at day 25, you’re going to have 25 days’ worth of data that hasn’t been updated to your backup copy. This is better than most businesses, but it can still cause hardships for the business that can be avoided with more frequent and comprehensive Miami data backup plans. The key to a successful and comprehensive recovery of data is redundancy. You can never backup your data too often! Businesses should consider making backups a required step in daily business operations, and partnering with Miami business continuity providers, Nerds Support, to ensure you are doing everything you need to do to operate your business after data loss or disaster.

Common Data Disasters

You are always at risk of losing the data on your work and personal computers. A data disaster isn’t limited to a computer crash; there are many events that can lead to a loss, including:

  • Natural disasters
  • Loss of power
  • Human error
  • IT hardware and software failure
  • Network failure
  • Malicious intent and terrorism

What Should You have Miami Data Backup?

Consider where you are the most vulnerable and determine what files and data you require to operate your business. These are the files and information you need access to immediately after experiencing a failure of some kind. Consider important files, but also media or software that you may have paid for as well. What do you need to resume your business?

  • Email
  • Browsers
  • Drivers
  • Social networking feeds
  • Business records and data

Tips for Choosing a Miami Data Backup System

There are many options available to consumers who are considering a backup system. When selecting a backup method that meets the needs of the consumer, it is important to review the encryption requirements for each backup service and federal regulations regarding backup security. This is a lot for a business owner to take on, especially if you don’t consider yourself “high tech”. For Florida business owners, working with the Miami IT Consultants from Nerds Support for the creation of a backup system and business continuity plan is the solution. Give us a call or fill out our form for a free consultation to see how we can help you plan for business continuity with Miami data backups.