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It’s Hurricane Season in Miami: Is Your Data Backed Up?

If a hurricane was to hit your Miami business and wipe out your network and computers tomorrow, would you be prepared? The 2017 hurricane season is in full swing – don’t wait until disaster strikes. Start thinking about your data backup and business continuity plan or you could be among the 80% of businesses that are unable to recover after a disaster.

Examples of Data Loss During Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy took the East Coast by surprise in 2012, many businesses found themselves at the mercy of their business continuity plans – or the lack of one. Companies with cloud-based backups remained fully operational while companies relying on their onsite backup or local data centers ended up closing at least temporarily as they struggled to mitigate data loss and infrastructure damage.

A woman working for New York-based cloud solutions company, Nimbo, discussed the importance of solid disaster recovery plans on the company blog before the storm hit. She compared Nimbo’s plan against her roommate’s company, which relied on a local server. Nimbo employees were able to access their email and applications via the cloud, while her roommate’s company had to shut down until the risk of damage and losses had passed with the hurricane.
Your business’s most important asset is your data and intellectual property. Let Nerds Support help you protect your assets with a Miami data backup and business continuity plan that will prevent hurricane-related data loss – as well as losses from other issues and events.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans in Miami

Data backups are an important part of your overall disaster recovery plan. It creates a copy of your files and information and stores it in the cloud, an offsite server, or some combination of both. Redundancy reduces risks to your business if you experience data loss in your office due to a hurricane or other event that affects your physical building and equipment.

Backups should be automatic and frequent for the best protection. You can never back up your data too often! We invite you to partner with Miami business continuity providers, Nerds Support, to ensure you have your data properly backed up and ready for access from the cloud if you should need it.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

For Miami business owners, the best peace of mind you can give yourself is to create a data backup and business continuity plan. Our Miami IT Consultants at Nerds Support will customize a solution for your organization. Give us a call or fill out our form for a free consultation.