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10 Examples of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an infrastructure and software system that allows for access to shared networks of storage, servers and applications over the internet. Cloud computing processes data and is provided by a privately owned cloud service or a third party cloud provider.  Here are some examples of such cloud services.

Here are 10 examples of cloud computing.

1. Nerds Support Cloud

Nerd Support Cloud Computing Services in Miami has a variety of services included within its cloud system. The Nerd Support cloud assists medium and small sized businesses with all IT based services by providing software (SaaS), hardware upgrades and maintenance as well as security so they may operate at maximum efficiency.

Nerds Support is a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) as well. The company uses cloud technology to augment or replace a business’s IT.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce has a cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS). It is both a business-to-business and business to consumer commerce solution.

3. Creatio

Creatio, formerly BPM online, is a cloud service specifically for marketing, sales and servicers to manage business processes and assist companies to facilitate consumer experience and customer journey.

4. Slack

Slack is an American based cloud service designed to facilitate internal team collaboration through its tools and services.

5. Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform, a cloud service offered by Google, runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products like Google and YouTube.

Cloud computing security for data storage

6. Microsoft 365

Office 365 is a product line of subscription-based services such as Outlook, Powerpoint, and Excel.

7. Workplace by OS33

Workplace is a software-as-a-service platform for compliance and productivity for wealth management firms.

8. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services from Adobe Systems that gives subscribers access to various software used for graphic design, video editing, web design, photography and more.

9. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI provides cloud-based business analytics services by Microsoft. It offers data services that provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface that allows end users to create their own reports.

10. Box

Box is a cloud content management and file sharing services provided to businesses. It is a service available for Windows and IOS as well as some mobile platforms.

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