Alert- Hackers can Steal Your Passwords by Analysing the Way You Tilt Your Smartphone

Hackers are now able to steal your PINS and passwords by tracking the motion of your smartphone. No matter how secure your phone is, its motion sensors could still be one of the weakest links hackers can use to access confidential information stored on your mobile device. The latest research revealed that malicious websites and installed apps can easily allow hackers steal PINs and passwords from the way you tilt your smartphone.

When you type your password, the programs can analyze the movement of your mobile device to work out the characters.

Here are a few tips to stay safe from cybercrimes:

  • Close background mobile apps when you’re not using them and uninstall apps that you don’t need.
  • Keep your mobile apps up-to date
  • Always install apps from approved app stores only
  • Audit the permissions that applications have on your mobile device

Common Mistakes To Avoid For Data Recovery

What is Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Well, data backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to minimize data loss and boost business productivity in of natural disaster or any other emergency situation.

In order to avoid losing your data, it is always suggested to take a backup of your work, however, sometimes these backups don’t behave the way as the original data and then data recovery is required. According to a latest research, the total amount of data loss has increased over 400 percent over last few years. There are over 20 percent of companies that suffer fire, flood, power failures, hardware or software disaster.With the rise of cloud computing and big data, it’s becoming important to protect your business data from cybercriminals.

Here are some of the mistakes you must avoid during data recovery:

Not Storing the Backup Properly:The backups should also be treated with the same responsibility as the original data and thus it should be made sure that they are saved properly at a safe location.

No Regular Check-ups:If you are regularly creating backups of your data then it is always suggested to check that data at regular interval. This prevents any corrupt data to sit as your back up.

Name Your Backups Properly:Backups should be given proper name and label. The label comes very handy when you have to search a particular data in the piles of data you have kept as a backup.

Keep the Data Logs Updated:The log of the backup data can prove very useful in tracking the changes in the backup. You can know the exact dates and files of which the backup was taken.

Not Taking Regular Backups: Almost everyone is aware of the importance of making a backup. However, only a few realize that regular backups are the key to easy data recovery. It is suggested to enable automatic backups at regular intervals.

What to Look For in Backup and Data Recovery Solution?

Once you plan to go for backup and data recovery plan, it is imperative to find the right solution. Let’s have a look for the right backup and data recovery solution.

Hardware:While looking for backup plan, it is important to consider the hardware that your business relies on.

Flexible Pricing Plan:A flexible pricing plan will help you scale up according to your business requirements.

24/7 Tech Support:Disaster may strike at any point of time. So, be sure to choose data recovery provider who can provide you with 24/7/365 tech support.

Reputation:It’s no secret that reputation is everything when it comes to hiring a service provider. Make sure that you choose the IT support company that has strong reputation in the industry.

Always remember that backup is as important as the main data and you’ll never treat your backups with disinterest. Contact Nerds Support for excellent cost-effective IT consulting in Miami.

Scam Protection

Cyber Alert- Easter Holiday Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

As Easter holiday is approaching, cybercriminals increase their cybercrime activity during this holiday season to get consumer’s personal information and cause financial damage. Generally, cybercriminals choose to exploit those who are unaware of cybercrimes and eventually gain access to their personal information. US-CERT just reminds internet users to be cautious while browsing online. It’s no secret that hackers attract online shoppers by using various methods i.e. phishing emails, fake advertisement and phony websites.

Keep in mind that phishing emails may contain malicious links or attachments. And users sometimes mistakenly click on malicious advertisements. Also, fake e-mails and fraudulent posts on social media sites may lead to data theft. In order to avoid such scams, you can take following actions.

  • Be sure to ignore unsolicited links or download attachments from unknown sources.
  • Learn more about shopping safely online and protecting personal internet-enabled devices.
  • Ignore electronic greeting cards that may contain malicious software

In case you feel like you’re a victim of a Holiday Phishing scam or Malware campaign, just follow the actions discussed below.

  • File a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
  • File a report to the police and Federal Trade Commission.
  • Contact your financial institution instantly.
  • Change your passwords immediately and don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is Key to Business Success- How?

Cloud computing is the latest technology which means hosting data not on the local storage elements but the internet and servers. It allows an organization to easy its data anywhere and anytime.

Here are a few reasons to go for cloud computing:

Maintaining Focus on the Business: Running an IT department is not the core competency of businesses. Buying cloud computing services is more cost-effective and reliable to grow businesses.

Redundancy: Redundant systems are always available so that system failure doesn’t lead to service failure.

Access from Anywhere: With cloud services, you can access your applications and data from anywhere and at anytime.

Staffing Efficiency: Also, Cloud services can help you maintain an efficient technology staff for your business.

Operational Expense: No need to maintain costly hardware to run applications, most of which can run in the cloud.

Reduced costs: Also, Cloud services help you cut a lot of costs and help you perform financially.

Ease of Use/Reliability: Cloud services make the management of resources easier. You can manage IT resources faster and easier with cloud provisioning.

Big Data & Processing: The need for loading down your production systems with intensive batch operations is removing by processing large data.

Using cloud computing Miami from Nerds Support help you improve your technology capability without the need to invest in all new equipment for your company. So, let’s get the best cloud computing services for your business.

Data Security

Data Security is Important- Why??????

Be it a small business or well-established one, data security is important for all businesses. Understand the importance of data security will help businesses to protect themselves from data theft.There are numerous reasons for considering data protection. Some of them are- minimizing financial loss, maintaining high levels of productivity and fulfilling customer needs. As the computer has become highly integral to business operations, data requirements from regulators have been imposed on businesses.We have compiled a few reasons why data security is important.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular concept that offers incredible benefits to daily life but also imposes potential threats to security. As your electronics are connected to each other, there are more chances of cyber threats.

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing is popular from last many years and it doesn’t imply that it’s less of a threat. It is one of the most harmful attempts to steal your information. This occurs when you receive an email from an enterprise that you know.

The Cloud

It’s no secret that cloud software becomes a blessing to businesses by providing a prompt way to exchange data without being physically present there. It is imperative to keep an eye on the services you’re leveraging the cloud to keep your data safe and secure.


Well, ransomware is less common in the IT world. But its impact is growing at a high pace and it may encrypt your data and lead to cybercrime. It is advisable to hire an IT security specialist to avoid an attack with ransomware.

Running your new business? Keep your information safe and secure. As cybercrimes grow more and more, you must hire a professional IT support company to help you keep your information safe and private.