6 Reasons Why Business Needs Managed Security

Technology is evolving at a high pace and so are the skills of hackers. In today’s digital world, hackers are highly active and trying to grab your crucial data. A report by American Digital Corporation highlights that over 60% of IT professionals plan to invest in managed IT services. Managed IT security is a cost-effective approach to improve the efficiency of IT functions. Even smart organizations are also investing in managed IT services.

Let’s check out some of the common reasons to invest in managed security services.

Efficient and Reliable IT Functions: Flexibility in allowing small and medium-sized business to integrate components of their IT infrastructure into a cloud-based operation is one of the top benefits of managed IT. Considering Managed Service Provider not only ensures an extra team of IT professional to help resolve any concerns to but also leverages the latest technology to maximize profitability.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: There are numerous variations of the technology that store and transmit data i.e. laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers etc. As data is stored and transmitted on these devices, so their security is crucial. Managed Service Providers address the business owners concerns about compliance.

Proactive Approach to Maintenance: It is an important benefit to managed security services. Business owners get less time to spend thinking about their IT infrastructure. By working with Managed Service Provider, you can take benefit of proactive business continuity solutions i.e. cloud computing, data backup and virtualization.

Cost Effectiveness and ROI: Managed IT service is cost-effective. These services allow clients to predict their IT expenses and are able to better plan for larger IT projects. These services offer flexibility and scalability needed to grow a business.

Free Up IT Staff To Work On Strategic Projects: When businesses consider a managed service provider, internal IT staff is free to focus on strategic projects. It enhances productivity and allows strategic planning to get the time it deserves. This maximizes the IT budget and ROI of businesses.

Improve Business Performance: Not all businesses can afford to dedicate time to reviewing its managed security systems as it hinders the workflow. A consistently higher level of quality in managed IT services helps companies to concentrate on the important aspects of business management. Managed IT services ensure your business stays safe from all kinds of threats.

When you invest in managed IT services, you get persistent and proactive monitoring which is important from the security perspective. A managed security service provider will manage everything and help you focus on the most important business operations. It will boost your business productivity. If you are looking for the reliable managed IT support in Miami, contact Nerds Support.

Alarming Cyber Security Facts Which Can Affect Your Business

Cyber security is the latest buzzword in the IT industry. 2016 was an alarming year for the increase in data breaches and cybersecurity attacks and threats. As 2017 is here, it becomes important to prepare for the potential cybersecurity inferences in our evolving digital landscape.According to latest statistics, 23,000 new malware are noticed every day.We have summed up a few alarming cyber security facts that outline the latest information about security landscape.

#1 – The average company will face 8 cyber attacks a year

On average, a company faces 8 cyber attacks a year. But some businesses face 100+ attacks.

#2 – 54% of businesses predict an increase in cyber attacks

Around 54% professionals noticed an increase in cyber attacks on their company. So, it is imperative to consider cyber security measures to protect your business from cyber-attack.

#3 – The average time to detect a cyber attack is 200 days

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated. So, it becomes harder for businesses to detect them. You need to detect a cyber attack in limited time to protect your company’s data.

#4 – 20% of organizations take a 1 week to recover from an attack

Once your company faces cyber attack, it takes time to recover from it. The majority of businesses take as long as 1 week to recover from cyber attacks. With data loss from a cyber attack, you’ll face the loss of productivity and disruption to your business.

#5 – 62% of companies are less confident in their cyber security

The increasing wave of cyber attacks implies that businesses are less confident in their cyber security. With data loss and all other damage from a cyber attack, it is important for businesses to consider cyber security.

#6 – 45% companies consider lack of skilled personal as the biggest roadblock to stronger cyber security

It’s no secret that almost half the companies consider a lack of skilled staff as a roadblock to stronger cyber security. Companies look for professional help to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

#7 – 41% plan to partner with a managed services provider

Almost half the companies look to initiate the partnership with managed services providers. MSPs offer stronger security and peace of mind to detect cyber attacks.

#8 – 52% are increasing their security budget

On average, 52% companies are increasing their security budget as the potential damage from a successful attack is so high.

Cyber attacks are a direct threat to all types of businesses. If you are looking to protect your business from cyber attacks, contact Nerds Support, Inc. We leverage latest cyber security techniques to protect businesses from cyber threats.



Important Steps to Speed Up Your Computers

It’s no secret that a slow computer can be a drag. Keeping your PC running smoothly at its maximum performance is important if you want to be able to complete your business operations smoothly in a timely manner. Is your computer running very slow? Having a slow computer can affect your business productivity badly. With a high-performance system, you can perform your tasks quickly and boost your productivity. Upgrading the hardware is one of the best ways to increase your PC’s speed. There are a few more ways to speed up your business computer.

Here are some important steps to boost the processing of your PCs:

Remove Unwanted Software: Generally, computers come up with pre-installed programs that you may not really need. There are a few programs that run automatically on start-up and slow down your computer. So, check the programs and remove anything unwanted to speed up your computer.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to start button
  2. Then, go to control panel.
  3. Click uninstall for the program that you don’t need.
  4. Repeat same steps for the applications that you don’t need.

Be sure not to remove applications that are important for your PC.

Keep Your Hard Disk Clean: Files are written to your hard disk in an efficient way to read them back. With time, your hard disk becomes full and it makes hard disk slow. This is known as disk fragmentation. This program can put them back in an efficient structure.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to start button
  2. Then, go to My Computer
  3. Right click the hard drive icon
  4. Click Properties
  5. Select Tools
  6. Click Defragment Now

Upgrade Your Memory: Uninstalling unnecessary applications can free up space and enhance performance. PCs use RAM to temporarily store data. Accessing multiple applications without enough memory will lower the speed of your PC.In order to check if your memory is running slow, follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard simultaneously
  2. Go to Task Manager
  3. Then, go to the Performance tab
  4. Under physical memory, check if you’re already about to reach your memory’s limit. You need to add more RAM on your system in that case

Under physical memory check if you’re already about to reach your memory’s limit. If so, you need to add more RAM on your system.

Run A Virus Scan: Virus can cause your PC to slow down. If you have sufficient space on your hard drive and enough RAM, run a virus scan on your PC. It is recommended to keep your computer protected from virus, malware or other threats. Don’t let a slow PC disrupt your business operations.

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Wanna Cry Protection

Wanna Cry Protection Steps

The recent WannaCry extortion attack shows how common ransomware is becoming in recent times. With over 100,000 computers affected across 150 countries, the ransomware attack has shown that anyone, anywhere, can become a victim of such a scam. Thus, it has become vital to take some steps to protect your computer from similar ransomware, especially if you are running a business.

Here are some tips to protect your system from ransomware in the future:

Back-Up Your Valuable Data: In spite of all security steps you can take, there is still no guarantee that your system won’t be hacked. It is highly recommended to make secure backups of all sensitive data whether you do it in the Cloud or on external hard disks.

In the event of a hack, these backups will save you a lot of time and money by providing immediate access to data that you have lost.

Use an Antivirus: There are many efficient antivirus software available on the market today and it is wise to invest in one. These antivirus programs provide protection against a wide range of malicious software like viruses, trojans, and ransomware. Even if you are not willing to spend to get proper antivirus software, it is necessary to download a free trial version from the internet.

Installing an antivirus does not put an end to your security threats. It is also necessary to regularly update the antivirus software so that it can protect your system from regularly evolving threats.

Update to Windows 10 or Patch Your System: There was a well-known loophole in Microsoft Windows which the WannaCry hackers managed to exploit. Most of the systems affected by this attack ran Windows 7 or older versions of Windows. It is advisable to update to Windows 10 as soon as possible, which is the latest operating system.

Microsoft has also released a patch MS17-010, to fix the loophole, which should be installed right away. It is always wise to keep your system up to date to make sure you get all security updates.

Educate Your Employees: If you are running a big business and conduct much of your operations electronically, ransomware like WannaCry can be a death knell for your business. This is why it is a must to train your employees not to click on dubious links or attachments that they have received through email.

Employees must also avoid visiting untrusted websites or receiving files from complete strangers as they might contain malicious software.

Don’t Pay the Ransom: There is no guarantee that after paying you will be able to access your data or the ransomware will be removed from your system. However, by paying you might be encouraging similar attacks in the future. This is why most experts have advised against paying any ransom to WannaCry.

There is no assurance that the WannaCry ransomware will stop spreading anytime soon. Another attack like this can come anytime in the near future. So, it is absolutely vital to take the steps mentioned above to make sure you don’t lose all your data and have your business crippled.

Massive Cyberattack Targeting 99 Countries Causes Extensive Chaos

Major companies and businesses have been hit by massive cyberattack across the globe. Cybersecurity firm Avast said it had identified 75,000+ ransomware attacks in 99 countries. Online chaos affected thousands of machines globally. Major cyberattacks targeted Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan badly.

The ransomware attack locks people out of their computer files until they pay a ransom to the hackers. Rob Wainwright, the head of the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol said “It’s still a live threat and we are in disaster mode”. The ransomware attack requires international investigation.Organizations are trying to recover after being hit by a virus that seeks to grab control of computers.

Microsoft said that it had taken further steps to protect systems against the malware. In March, Microsoft provided a security update which offers additional protection against the cyberattack. Those who are running their free anti-virus software and have Windows Update enabled are protected from this severe ransomware attack.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the cyberattack was a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity. The organization should learn lessons from the banking industry as it is appeared to be least affected due to the global ransomware attack. Security agencies have not been able to identify who was behind the attack yet. Ransomware attacks are generally criminal in nature and have caused massive disruption all around the world.

Sixteen National Health Service organizations in the U.K. were badly hit and a few hospitals too. A large number of colleges and students in China had been affected by the ransomware. Even the digital payment systems at some gas stations were offline and it forced customers to pay cash.

U.K. defense secretary Michael Fallon said that Britain’s nuclear submarines were safe from cyberattack. Matthew Hickey, founder of the security firm Hacker House said that the attack shows many organizations do not follow cybersecurity updates in a timely manner.Protect your systems with our cybersecurity solutions!