Cyber Security

Is Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber Security Risks?

Technological advancement has not only brought a drastic change in the regular operations of any organization but it has also exposed it to cyber-attacks. Through attacks like spear phishing via Email and hacking of network, it has the capability from affecting the business of any company to exposing top secret data of any company.

Some of the cyber security vulnerabilities for your business are:

No Cyber Security Policy: Cyber-attacks have increased exponentially in the recent years capable of affecting each and every company out there. Not having a proper well documented cyber security policy and not involving employees in it can expose your organization to massive financial repercussions in case of a security breach.

Sensitive Data Exposure: In most cases, this is what cyber mafias look out for. They try to hack your system network to steal, damage or modify sensitive data like company policies and user information that has the potential to shake up and halt your business proceedings.

Security Mis-configuration: Clumsy mistakes by users or employees can expose cyber security for hacking. When employees or users use default passwords, run outdated or unnecessary applications then these become an easy target for even low-level hackers.

Weak Authentication: Broken authentication is one of the most common cyber security vulnerability. When encrypted data are exchanged online say, by logging in, then that data is vulnerable to theft. In most cases, hackers target weak areas in authentication and session management which occur between any two systems for exchange of package. If data is encrypted poorly, hackers using techniques like Man-in-the-Middle can intercept and decipher any data sent by a user.

Aging infrastructure: Having outdated hardware can expose your system to cyber-attacks since it may be incapable to install latest security patches for the software in it. Using obsolete software which requires older versions of plug-ins can also make your system network vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Though strengthening the defense system of your organization against cyber-attacks in a short span of time may not be viable but prioritizing the cyber issue and investing on it is a must. Its long-term benefits are immense.

Managed Security Service

Types of Managed Security Services to Enhance Your Business’s Security

In today’s competitive market, irrespective of the size of a company, some of its work is outsourced to a competent firm. Managed services are the proactive management of IT assets by an outsourcing firm on behalf of the customer. Among various functions performed by the Managed Service Provider (MSP), managed security service is the most sought after. Here are 5 types of managed services which enhance your business’ security:

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is the continuous monitoring of all sorts of activity that takes place on the network in order to determine in advance the security threat it poses to the company’s systems or data. They will also try to track any unauthorized behavior on the network as well as try to determine if any inbound connections to your network can hack your company’s data system. Remote monitoring analyses security developments from time to time to locate niggling problems and weed it out as soon as possible.

Vulnerability Testing

Due to vulnerability testing, you don’ have to wait for any security breach before taking any action. It simulates hacking attacks and does software scans on your system to discover any vulnerability that may exist in your system. After performing these tests, they address the vulnerabilities by improving the software and hardware systems.  Vulnerability testing service does not perform network wide security assessment instead focuses on areas which the hackers can exploit.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing involves random testing of your company’s network periodically with the help of remote access to not only evaluate the IT infrastructure but also to get a clear picture of the network’s strengths and weaknesses. Normally it’s a one-time event and generally performed using manual or automated technologies. Penetration testing offers many benefits which include dodging the cost of network downtime.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment services help in trying to explain the potential risks that are involved especially security risks which may have an adverse effect on your company’s capital. They will try to minimize the risks involved in sharing information with outside vendors. The risk assessment service will also inform your company about the risks that are involved in the procedures and policies of your company.

Perimeter Management

In perimeter management system, firewalls, Virtual Private Networks and intrusion detection software are installed and upgraded periodically. It is one form of remote service since it involves management of the configuration settings remotely so that both hardware and software are able to secure the information and data systems.

Managed Service Providers play a key role in managing the It department of any organization. Managed services will not only keep your company’s data safe and provide IT solutions but also keep software updated and provide data backup solutions. Using MSP is both costs effective as well as good for the growth of your IT capacity. Managed Services gives quick solutions to security related problems and fixes potential vulnerabilities that can affect your system.

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Managed Service

Support Your IT Department with Managed Service

Looking to grow your business? You may plan to consider managed services. Managed Service Providers improve business’s operations by reducing costs and providing superior technology. Here are a few ways an MSP can help you achieve your business goals.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Increase in Popularity: It’s no secret that hybrid cloud is increasing in demand day-by-day. A lot of companies are turning to the hybrid cloud. Organizations need to learn about hybrid cloud to grow. But hiring an MSP can help them.

More and More Businesses Embrace Multiple Cloud Applications: In addition to using the hybrid cloud, companies are using more cloud applications. So, it becomes important for organizations to integrate all of these different solutions. An MSP can provide integrate solutions so that companies have a smooth workflow.

Moving Enterprise Applications to the Public Cloud: Enterprise applications are located in the private cloud to maintain the security of an organization. But more and more organizations come to know that cloud is actually the more secure solution. So, companies are moving enterprise applications to the cloud. An MSP can help you move your enterprise applications to the public cloud safely.

Optimizing IT Cloud Strategies: As more and more companies are using the cloud, it becomes important to optimize and refine services and reduce expenses. As companies know the benefits of cloud solutions, they are looking to improve on the costs related to cloud. MSPs can assess the status of an organization’s cloud infrastructure. They can provide an all-in-one solution at an affordable cost.

Well, MSP service is not just about growing your business. It’s about achieving meaning growth. Let’s build a stronger foundation for the future with reliable managed services.


How VoIP Technology Can Benefit Your Business?

VoIP, formally known as Voice over Internet Protocol, are systems that are a snubbed form of digitalized technology. But, the fact is that integrating VoIP with your business processes help you gain some major benefits and in turn improve your customer service and business efficiency. If you spend a considerable amount of cash on your phone bills and feel that you should have better communication systems, there can be no better solution to your problem other than VoIP.

VoIP is a creative innovation that refers to a string of transmission abilities used to transform an individual’s analog voice calls into an understandable and simple packet of data. After the voice gets converted, the data tours over the internet and reaches the place it is supposed to reach. Gradually, the call reaches the receiver and a long conversation can take place between the two users. VoIP call clarity has significantly improved with time and has also surpassed the clarity of some well-known landline services. VoIP all desktop users to make calls from their devices that has VoIP phone installed in it. Internet phone calls provide benefits and services that are unmatched by the traditional age old communication services.

Here are a few benefits of using VoIP technology in your business:

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility

VoIP is more useful than just increasing your savings by reducing call prices. It allows the user to incorporate software programs like e-fax, remote conferencing, and emails on the web using the telephone. In short, the person using VoIP can have a conversation with anyone over a phone call while having an access to applications and internet all at once.

Better Productivity

VoIP helps in boosting the overall efficiency and productivity of the organization. It allows the employees to execute multitasking without and disturbance. As the bills are reduced, the amount can be allocated elsewhere in the business. VoIP technology enables its users to conduct important virtual meetings and conferences, share data using video conferencing, and attach documents. VoIP technology makes it more reasonable for businesses who are not willing to deal with older issues and bugs.

Convenient to Troubleshoot, Use, and Install

Installation of VoIPneeds minimum technical knowledge. In fact, simple mobility and installation of this technology is beneficial compared to the traditional phones. For example, businesses do not need a separate cable connection for using telephone systems. It also reduces fire risks and cluttering related to wires.

Rich Customer Service

As the employees can easily search for mails, handle customer records with any manual process, and conduct multi-tasking all at once, it becomes easy for them to offer enhanced customer service to their potential customers. These days, expectations of customers are very high. They expect quick solutions to problems. As the employees do not have to look for important information they need, it is quite possible for them to focus on customer satisfaction that later reflects on the business results.

Whenever you decide to use VoIP for your business, it is essential that you consider and are aware of all the above-mentioned benefits. Looking for reliable VoIP phone services in Miami? Contact Nerds Support, Inc. today!

Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails and How Not to Get Ripped Off

There are a number of schemes out there which resemble and promise to make our dreams come real. They might send you an email regarding the same or pop up as an advertisement or as a website or an email attachment and then you go opening these without even thinking that a sender is entirely an unknown person, but you straightaway click and open!

What happens next is an unnoticed invasion of a malicious entity that infects your systems. But we all have antiviruses installed, then why worry. But yeah, is your AV updated with the definitions of newer viruses, malware, Trojans, etc.? Is it?

Key loggers are quite not unusual. You might be using the online banking system, your credentials are notably susceptible and you could find out an enormous financial institution switch has long past from your account all of a surprise.

But the malware may also be commencing backdoors on your enterprise community. commercial espionage could be very common, so imagine if a person stole your commercial enterprise secrets and techniques and bought them for your competitors? What in the event that they without a doubt wiped your whole community and destroyed your backups?

One especially nasty shape of Phishing is wherein you click a link in an e-mail and unexpectedly your whole laptop locks up and a message is displayed demanding a stressful fee before it will be unlocked once more. This is known as Ransomware and may be very tons on the rise.

So how do you discover and forestall phishing emails before they fulfill their motive to harm? Here are a few things you can look out for:

  • Don’t believe the show call
  • You may look at it but it is advisable that you don’t click
  • Watch out for some spelling mistakes
  • Examine the salutation
  • Don’t surrender personal records
  • Look at the concerned line. If it has a tone of a threat then beware of it.
  • Evaluate the signature
  • It is advisable not to open any sort of attachments
  • Don’t agree with the header of the email address
  • Don’t believe the whole lot you spot

If you’re relying in your electronic mail system, there’s either a lot you may do about it, or now not very lots in any respect. In case you’re the user of a POP3 email server, then there are some twists you could make but you’re limited in the quantity of safety you get for electronic mail being added for your users.

In case you’re the user of synchronised email inclusive of Microsoft trade then you definitely are onto a champion due to the fact there are loads greater ways you may guard yourselves from Phishing emails, however the management of this calls for a few technical capabilities.

You also need to make sure that your SPF, DMARC and DKIM settings are all set as per latest clauses, rules and regulations on your domain and will even course all inbound and outbound email through an outside e-mail authentication carrier with a view to remove the sizable majority of spam and phishing emails you can get hold of before it hits your community.

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