Why Cyber Security is More Important For Logistics Firms

Supply chains and logistics firms are always at risk of some form of error or another. Shipment delays, loss of inventory, incorrect orders etc. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has manifested a new risk in the logistics industry. That risk is cyber security. A large chunk of a logistics enterprise deals with transferring and handling sensitive […]

How Do You Make Regulatory Reporting Easier for Financial Institutions?

How Do You Make Regulatory Reporting Easier for Financial Institutions? Financial institutions around the world are subjected to strict scrutiny to combat money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, terrorist financing, and other illegal activities. Complying with the standards set by regulatory bodies comes with its own costs, a burden that financial firms have to shoulder. It’s […]

QuickBooks Hosting is the Solution for Remote Businesses

QuickBooks is Perfect for Remote Work As a result of the lockdown in 2020, many industries, including financial services and accounting firms, are undergoing massive changes. The focus on executing virtual strategies and remote consulting has transformed the landscape of accounting possibly forever. That  being said, there is a software tool that streamlines accounting processes […]

Boosting Engagement, Productivity, and Supporting Your Employees Inside and Outside of the Office

Due to the impacts of the pandemic and efforts to keep individuals as safe as possible during these uncertain times, many companies in the Logistics, Financial, and Accounting industries have adjusted their business structure, adapted to a remote workforce, and made necessary technology advancements to meet the needs of their employees. Although a challenging time, […]

4 Things Financial Firms can do to Succeed Remotely

Financial firms are in the best position to succeed in a remote environment. Engaging with clients is easier than meeting in person and much of the work can be done regardless of location. Americans are slowly adjusting to working from home. As states begin to ease the quarantine restrictions some companies are declaring permanent remote […]

Top Five Tips To Beat Workload Compression for CPA’s

The Problem of Workload Compression If you’re an accounting firm, workload compression is probably a big issue. In fact, a study by the tech company Right Networks along with the CPA firm Management Association, surveyed 162 CPA’s after tax season and found that workload compression was the biggest concern for 40 percent of CPA firms […]

How Cloud-Based Technology is Changing the Logistics Industry

The Present and Future of Logistics The Logistics industry, like all others, is going through a huge technological transformation due to the increased necessity of remote work solutions. Cloud-based logistics, social media, Internet of things and other innovations are moving logistics in a new direction. Logistics is the industry that all others rely on to […]

How the Cloud Keeps Data Safe for Financial Firms

A 2019 Global Wealth Study by Boston Consulting group reported financial services firms are hit by cyberattacks 300 times more than other companies. Financial institutions have a lot of sensitive data cybercriminals can monetize if accessed. That is why the financial services industry is so heavily regulated. The US has experienced huge breaches of consumer […]

Top 5 Vulnerabilities Accounting Firms Face

It seems like every other day now institutions big and small are experiencing some form of cyberattack. With the growing emergence of remote work solutions last year, businesses had to adapt to the need for flexibility for the their teams. Unfortunately, this came with a lot of security concerns about vulnerabilities. Local governments, banking institutions, […]

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