Alert- Hackers can Steal Your Passwords by Analysing the Way You Tilt Your Smartphone

Hackers are now able to steal your PINS and passwords by tracking the motion of your smartphone. No matter how secure your phone is, its motion sensors could still be one of the weakest links hackers can use to access confidential information stored on your mobile device. The latest research revealed that malicious websites and installed apps can easily allow hackers steal PINs and passwords from the way you tilt your smartphone.

When you type your password, the programs can analyze the movement of your mobile device to work out the characters.

Here are a few tips to stay safe from cybercrimes:

  • Close background mobile apps when you’re not using them and uninstall apps that you don’t need.
  • Keep your mobile apps up-to date
  • Always install apps from approved app stores only
  • Audit the permissions that applications have on your mobile device

Common Mistakes To Avoid For Data Recovery

What is Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Well, data backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to minimize data loss and boost business productivity in of natural disaster or any other emergency situation.

In order to avoid losing your data, it is always suggested to take a backup of your work, however, sometimes these backups don’t behave the way as the original data and then data recovery is required. According to a latest research, the total amount of data loss has increased over 400 percent over last few years. There are over 20 percent of companies that suffer fire, flood, power failures, hardware or software disaster.With the rise of cloud computing and big data, it’s becoming important to protect your business data from cybercriminals.

Here are some of the mistakes you must avoid during data recovery:

Not Storing the Backup Properly:The backups should also be treated with the same responsibility as the original data and thus it should be made sure that they are saved properly at a safe location.

No Regular Check-ups:If you are regularly creating backups of your data then it is always suggested to check that data at regular interval. This prevents any corrupt data to sit as your back up.

Name Your Backups Properly:Backups should be given proper name and label. The label comes very handy when you have to search a particular data in the piles of data you have kept as a backup.

Keep the Data Logs Updated:The log of the backup data can prove very useful in tracking the changes in the backup. You can know the exact dates and files of which the backup was taken.

Not Taking Regular Backups: Almost everyone is aware of the importance of making a backup. However, only a few realize that regular backups are the key to easy data recovery. It is suggested to enable automatic backups at regular intervals.

What to Look For in Backup and Data Recovery Solution?

Once you plan to go for backup and data recovery plan, it is imperative to find the right solution. Let’s have a look for the right backup and data recovery solution.

Hardware:While looking for backup plan, it is important to consider the hardware that your business relies on.

Flexible Pricing Plan:A flexible pricing plan will help you scale up according to your business requirements.

24/7 Tech Support:Disaster may strike at any point of time. So, be sure to choose data recovery provider who can provide you with 24/7/365 tech support.

Reputation:It’s no secret that reputation is everything when it comes to hiring a service provider. Make sure that you choose the IT support company that has strong reputation in the industry.

Always remember that backup is as important as the main data and you’ll never treat your backups with disinterest. Contact Nerds Support for excellent cost-effective IT consulting in Miami.

Scam Protection

Cyber Alert- Easter Holiday Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

As Easter holiday is approaching, cybercriminals increase their cybercrime activity during this holiday season to get consumer’s personal information and cause financial damage. Generally, cybercriminals choose to exploit those who are unaware of cybercrimes and eventually gain access to their personal information. US-CERT just reminds internet users to be cautious while browsing online. It’s no secret that hackers attract online shoppers by using various methods i.e. phishing emails, fake advertisement and phony websites.

Keep in mind that phishing emails may contain malicious links or attachments. And users sometimes mistakenly click on malicious advertisements. Also, fake e-mails and fraudulent posts on social media sites may lead to data theft. In order to avoid such scams, you can take following actions.

  • Be sure to ignore unsolicited links or download attachments from unknown sources.
  • Learn more about shopping safely online and protecting personal internet-enabled devices.
  • Ignore electronic greeting cards that may contain malicious software

In case you feel like you’re a victim of a Holiday Phishing scam or Malware campaign, just follow the actions discussed below.

  • File a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
  • File a report to the police and Federal Trade Commission.
  • Contact your financial institution instantly.
  • Change your passwords immediately and don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.


Cyber Security

Get to Know What’s in Store for Cyber Security in 2017

As 2017 is here, many experts have made cyber security predictions for this year. It’s no secret that cybercrime has become the part of our daily lives. We have noticed that cyber security repeatedly hit the headlines with many high-profile attacks last year. In 2017, viruses, ransomware and foreign cyber-attacks were three primary concerns for businesses. Let’s discuss the threats and trends that are expected to look up this year.


Experts believe that malware sophistication will continue to evolve and more customized attack tools will emerge. Mobile malware is expected to increase in sophistication and volume.


Ransomware attacks are increasing at a great place. Experts have predicted that it will continue to remain a vital threat in 2017. Prevention is the best solution for ransomware attack. Over 80% of risk can be eliminated by considering the security measures.


Also, Experts predict that ghostware will continue to haunt 2017. Investigators get valuable information about detection and digital forensics on post-attack data.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Actually, IoT is developing at a high pace and so are the threats. With the ease of access to greater networks of connected devices, attackers are more likely to gather huge botnets. As more and more devices become connected, it’s becoming challenging to avoid the security risks associated with IoT, so this area dominates cyber security predictions for this year.

However, 2017 is a good year for fighting cyber threats. Unfortunately, things are getting worst with time. Dedicated cyber security professionals can help secure infrastructures and prevent cybercrimes. Contact Nerds Support today for excellent cyber security solutions!

Data Backup

World Backup Day is Approaching- Be Prepared!!!

Have you backed your data lately? Did you know that there is World Backup Day? If not, then it’s high time to save all your data because it is just around the corner. Well, it’s not a holiday but one of the important days for all businesses. Every single day you have spent millions of hours as workforce on the computer and internet. There were times when every single day files were lost, hard drive crashed or worse, viruses infected your system. World Backup Day was created to remind every tech user to backup the data stored in their system so that when disaster strikes, you are prepared.

What is the Fuss All About?

The phrase “Save early and save often” holds true when it comes to data recovery. In the most basic form, backup is simply copying your existing files to a secondary location, using either an automated process or a manual one. This process will allow you to save drive storage space.

If these things don’t interest you, then definitely the fear of losing the most important documents stored on your laptop or computer surely will. Everyone might have heard a story about friend’s tragic hard drive crash, a night before assignment submission. As per statistics, more than 70% of organizations have experienced data loss at the workspace and small businesses reported that a single loss of data significantly affected their business.

Do I Need to Backup my Data on the Smartphone too?

If you do not want to lose your irreplaceable digital memories, then go ahead and do the data backup. The data loss can happen anytime and anywhere, it usually occurs when least expected. Therefore, yes backing up data on the smartphone is also essential; backup it either on your computer or on any other application, which can be easily accessible.

How to Do Data Backup?

One can create a secure data recovery according to the 3-2-1 rule. The rule creates triple redundancy for your files, which means if your one backup fails, you still have two left. Follow the below-mentioned process to do the data backup.

1. Download and install the backup software.
2. Select the files you want to back as some online services just backup all available files.
3. Schedule your data backup at least on a daily basis.
4. The downloaded software will upload your files to the server and data Centre.

Your Data is Valuable than Your Device

Make sure while doing the backup, your backup provider offers local encryptions with a private encryption key that you only own. This feature will ensure complete safety on the server. In addition, the online backup provider should use SSL encryption technology when duplicating the files onto the server. Once the upload is done, your provider should offer another security layer with an AES- 256-bit encryption technology to safeguard all the uploaded documents.

In a nutshell, backing your data won’t only save your time and effort but will also reduce future cost and World Backup Day is a summary of the future. Contact Nerds Support if you’ve any query regarding our data recovery plan.