Alarming Cyber Security Facts Which Can Affect Your Business

Cyber security is the latest buzzword in the IT industry. 2016 was an alarming year for the increase in data breaches and cybersecurity attacks and threats. As 2017 is here, it becomes important to prepare for the potential cybersecurity inferences in our evolving digital landscape.According to latest statistics, 23,000 new malware are noticed every day.We have summed up a few alarming cyber security facts that outline the latest information about security landscape.

#1 – The average company will face 8 cyber attacks a year

On average, a company faces 8 cyber attacks a year. But some businesses face 100+ attacks.

#2 – 54% of businesses predict an increase in cyber attacks

Around 54% professionals noticed an increase in cyber attacks on their company. So, it is imperative to consider cyber security measures to protect your business from cyber-attack.

#3 – The average time to detect a cyber attack is 200 days

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated. So, it becomes harder for businesses to detect them. You need to detect a cyber attack in limited time to protect your company’s data.

#4 – 20% of organizations take a 1 week to recover from an attack

Once your company faces cyber attack, it takes time to recover from it. The majority of businesses take as long as 1 week to recover from cyber attacks. With data loss from a cyber attack, you’ll face the loss of productivity and disruption to your business.

#5 – 62% of companies are less confident in their cyber security

The increasing wave of cyber attacks implies that businesses are less confident in their cyber security. With data loss and all other damage from a cyber attack, it is important for businesses to consider cyber security.

#6 – 45% companies consider lack of skilled personal as the biggest roadblock to stronger cyber security

It’s no secret that almost half the companies consider a lack of skilled staff as a roadblock to stronger cyber security. Companies look for professional help to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

#7 – 41% plan to partner with a managed services provider

Almost half the companies look to initiate the partnership with managed services providers. MSPs offer stronger security and peace of mind to detect cyber attacks.

#8 – 52% are increasing their security budget

On average, 52% companies are increasing their security budget as the potential damage from a successful attack is so high.

Cyber attacks are a direct threat to all types of businesses. If you are looking to protect your business from cyber attacks, contact Nerds Support, Inc. We leverage latest cyber security techniques to protect businesses from cyber threats.



Important Steps to Speed Up Your Computers

It’s no secret that a slow computer can be a drag. Keeping your PC running smoothly at its maximum performance is important if you want to be able to complete your business operations smoothly in a timely manner. Is your computer running very slow? Having a slow computer can affect your business productivity badly. With a high-performance system, you can perform your tasks quickly and boost your productivity. Upgrading the hardware is one of the best ways to increase your PC’s speed. There are a few more ways to speed up your business computer.

Here are some important steps to boost the processing of your PCs:

Remove Unwanted Software: Generally, computers come up with pre-installed programs that you may not really need. There are a few programs that run automatically on start-up and slow down your computer. So, check the programs and remove anything unwanted to speed up your computer.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to start button
  2. Then, go to control panel.
  3. Click uninstall for the program that you don’t need.
  4. Repeat same steps for the applications that you don’t need.

Be sure not to remove applications that are important for your PC.

Keep Your Hard Disk Clean: Files are written to your hard disk in an efficient way to read them back. With time, your hard disk becomes full and it makes hard disk slow. This is known as disk fragmentation. This program can put them back in an efficient structure.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to start button
  2. Then, go to My Computer
  3. Right click the hard drive icon
  4. Click Properties
  5. Select Tools
  6. Click Defragment Now

Upgrade Your Memory: Uninstalling unnecessary applications can free up space and enhance performance. PCs use RAM to temporarily store data. Accessing multiple applications without enough memory will lower the speed of your PC.In order to check if your memory is running slow, follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard simultaneously
  2. Go to Task Manager
  3. Then, go to the Performance tab
  4. Under physical memory, check if you’re already about to reach your memory’s limit. You need to add more RAM on your system in that case

Under physical memory check if you’re already about to reach your memory’s limit. If so, you need to add more RAM on your system.

Run A Virus Scan: Virus can cause your PC to slow down. If you have sufficient space on your hard drive and enough RAM, run a virus scan on your PC. It is recommended to keep your computer protected from virus, malware or other threats. Don’t let a slow PC disrupt your business operations.

Looking for quality and prompt IT support services in Miami? Contact Nerds Support to speed up your computer and boost your business productivity!


2017 Cybersecurity Threats Will Impact Your Profits

2016 was the year hacking went common and 2017 will be the year hackers innovate and imminent. In the past, cybersecurity was considered the realm of IT departments but no longer. As more and more companies integrate security into their systems, hackers will also evolve. Backed by the right knowledge, the right solutions and mitigation strategies, companies are able to reduce the risk of a devastating security breach. The latest Webroot Threat Report shows that 84 percent of all phishing sites were active for less than 24 hours and 50% of new mobile apps were malicious or suspicious. Learn more about some of the biggest cyber threats to look out for this year.

Ransomware Attacks: It’s no secret that ransomware is a tremendous threat to users worldwide. Hackers can acquire access to your system and encrypt your files. Ransomware can infect hundreds of machines at a time. It is imperative to backup your files with a high-quality data backup solution to protect yourself from ransomware attacks. It will help you keep your files safe.

IoT: As more and more devices are becoming internet-enabled, the need to protect these devices is also increasing. Hackers are leveraging IoT devices for malicious purposes.

Phishing Attacks: The number of phishing attacks is on the rise. Emails disguised as work emails prove the most effective at tricking people into thinking they are legitimate. But these emails are actually fraudulent and ask for credit card and bank account information, as well as other sensitive personal details. Be cautious while clicking on attachments or links from an email to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

Now you’re aware of the cyber crimes that are faced in 2017, you should be on high alert to make sure you won’t be susceptible to hackers or hack attacks. Contact Nerds Support for unrivaled cybersecurity solutions!

Computer Security Miami

3 Computer Security Threats You May Not Be Aware of

As soon as you enter into the digital world, you face a number of computer security threats. Just as your elders may have told you to stay away from strangers, the same advice holds true for the digital world. Cybercriminals use different methods to acquire your confidential personal or business information. It is important to keep your computer protected and there are a lot of ways to make it possible. Let’s discuss three computer security threats you may not be aware of.

USB Drive Malware and Viruses

Malicious attacks can occur quickly if a nasty USB stick should be plugged into your PC. It is important to be careful with what you plug into your computer in order to stay safe and secure. If you have an antivirus package installed on your PC, it may have some kind of USB drive protection available.

Webcam Hacking

It is quite to keep hackers out of your webcam by taping over the camera. Some software tweaks are also there. In window, you can open Device Manager, right click on your webcam and then select “Disable”.

Insecure WiFi Connections

Getting all your data safely locked down on your computer is not enough when it comes to data security. Stay away from public WiFi networks. In order to keep yourself protected from cybercrimes, you should stick to sites that use secure HTTPS connections and install a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The list of computer security threats is growing at a high pace. It is important to understand these threats to eradicate them. Be careful with the information you share online! Contact us to learn more about our computer security solutions!

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Nerds Support, Inc., “Proactive Approach To Technology”, is proud to announce that CRN ®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Nerds Support, Inc. to 2017 CRN Tech Elite 250 list in April, 2017. In February, we were placed on the CRN’s Tech Elite 500 list and quickly moved up in April to 2017 CRN Tech Elite 250 list. With our award-winning managed services, we have achieved our position in 2017 CRN Tech Elite 250 List. CRN Tech Elite 250 list honors an exclusive group of North American IT solution providers that have earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications from leading technology vendors, scaled to their company size. We have successfully assisted our clients with cutting-edge IT support solutions in the respective industry.

MSPs play a vital role in the routine operations of businesses across North America. Managed service providers help organizations streamline their spending, effectively allocate limited resources, and benefit from advanced expertise in the cutting-edge technologies.

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