An IT professional creating a business continuity and backup plan to protect data against disasters.

Is Your Business Prepared for Downtime?

With an effective Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan, Nerds Support can ensure your most valuable business assets are safe. Our expert IT engineers are always ready to answer questions & ensure your business operations are running before, during & after a disaster.

60% of businesses without a BCDR plan will fail after a disaster, while 75% of small & medium sized businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan in place at all. The benefit from business continuity management is imperative for your firm’s growth!

Learn how we can prepare your business for the worst-case scenario!

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How we Mitigate the Threat to Your Data

  • Ensuring you can recover and access all of your stored information from backup copies.
  • Backup all your data onto our secure, remote colocation server.
  • Prevent downtime that stops you from operating your business and earning money.
  • Protecting your business against critical data loss, theft, or equipment failure.
  • Virtualization of your network, which gets your business up and running again in minutes.
A cyber security IT professional defending client data using state of the art cloud security technology
Our data backup recovery system will protect your business from downtime during natural disasters.

Data Backup for All Kinds of Disasters

Our team of 24/7/365 available Microsoft Certified engineers will craft the perfect plan to ensure your business does not lose productivity.

First, we work with you and your team in analyzing your current risk level. Second, we work with you on a plan for mitigating those risks. And lastly, outline what the proper procedures are should such a disaster ever occur.

Imagine this scenario: there’s a Category 5 Hurricane warning, your servers are stored in your office, and there is a mandatory evacuation in the building.

What is your continuity plan?

Is your technology vulnerable to theft or flooding if you leave it in the office? These are the kinds of points we consider when building your plan.

We understand not all disasters are foreseeable, as the actual biggest threat to your business walks on 2 feet!

Whether it be an accidental click on a suspicious phishing email that unleashes ransomware or a rogue employee attempting to destroy your systems from the inside, we take all matters into account to mitigate the effects should they happen.

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