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IT Services for Logistics Firms

Securing your supply chain’s efficiency with IT services!

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A managed service provider engineer guiding a logistics company's supply chain through cloud solutions.

Does your Logistics Firm Need an Enhancement?

Being one-step ahead in terms of technology can either make or break a logistics business. With the state of commerce rapidly changing, incorporating new technology is a must.

Integrating new technologies can be a daunting task, but the team at Nerds Support has over 20 years of experience working with the leading logistics firms across the United States & around the world. Our top tier engineering team have Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware certifications that are challenging to obtain.


How can Managed IT Services Help Your Firm?

Nerds Support’s IT for Logistics services give you:

We understand your industry, the challenges and the IT for logistics tools you need to succeed. We offer a modern, creative, innovative solution that will transform the way employees work, collaborate, and make decisions. And with our team of IT Support engineers, you have accessible assistance 24/7/365!

With our cloud SaaS solution for accounting firms, your team can manage your supply chain from anywhere while working on any approved device without the risks of compromising security or compliance!

Maximizing efficiencies, improving the supply chain, and fulfilling customers’ orders are crucial to stay competitive in a globalized commerce economy. Our cloud security platform allows you to unify your data under a single protected system.

An Managed IT service professional showing the co-managed in-house IT how to work the cloud.

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Cloud Security & Compliance Features

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • 7-Year File Retention
  • Secure Web Browsing with Web Filtering
  • Endpoint Device Validation
  • Audit Tracking

Our IT for logistics solution hosts a number of familiar applications such as Magaya, Descartes, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Office.

Here’s What our Clients have to Say!

“We’ve been working with Nerds Support, Inc. since they began business; our experience with them thus far has been fantastic. Scott and his team are extremely reliable, full of knowledge and always have a resolution to the problem!”

Reshma P., Miami, FL

“Working with Nerds Support and Scott has has been fantastic! With their proactive approach to IT, we rarely have network or PC problems. Any little problem is fixed immediately and keeps productivity high. Any organization, no matter how many workstations, will benefit greatly from Nerds Support’s services”

Wade K., Miami, FL

An IT professional provides IT consulting to a business owner about optimizing their technology strategy.
Nerds Support CEO Scott Richman helping businesses Get Started with Managed IT Services.

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