Microsoft Office Support


What Microsoft Office 365 can do for you!

If you believe that the benefits of the cloud are simply out of the realm of your company’s business solutions,we are here to prove you wrong. Nerds Support and Microsoft Office 365 work in a way that will give you and your company complete peace of mind when it comes to the IT your business depends on. By offering services that fit your budget and working with the highest quality of software from Microsoft, we can help grow your business while making it easy for employees to effectively do the same.

The reason cloud computing is proving to be so powerful with Microsoft Office 365 is because of its user-friendly and familiar foundation, mixed with the most efficient way to brainstorm and communicate with programs such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online.

Some of the pros of Microsoft Office 365 include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Immediate and easy access to personal and company information no matter where you are
  • Ability to work with Office so employees don’t have to train on new programs
  • Company-savvy programs including geo-redundancy, 99.9% uptime, disaster recovery features and IT-level phone support
  • Payment upon services rendered, not on a contracted basis
  • Full, easy and complete access to the latest model of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), which now has millions of clients across the world

Office 365 by Nerds Support is easy to install and easy to use for a variety of business needs. Protected by Microsoft’s proven security and dependability, it offers extreme efficiency for any company, which is what our clients have come to expect.

Office 365 allows your company to consolidate your current Office setup with these groundbreaking features:

  • Office Professional Plus – Receive more efficiency from the Microsoft programs you already know and are comfortable using
  • Exchange Online – Get the most from email with our cloud computing options
  • SharePoint Online – Helps encourage brainstorming to improve business across the board
  • Lync Online – Go a little greener by communicating online with various business partners and potential clients, instead of traveling for meetings. Microsoft Office 365 offers guaranteed uptime so staying in contact is something you can honestly depend on.

Enjoy an IT solution that’s part of a leader in the world of technology.

Call us to learn more about how Office 365 can improve your workflow.