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Providing Reliable, Responsive IT Support & Cloud Solutions for Businesses!

  • 24/7/365 Remote IT Support
  • Secure Cloud & Compliance Solutions
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • IT Budget Flexibility
  • 24/7/365 Remote IT Support
  • Secure Cloud Solutions
  • Strategic IT Consulting
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • IT Budget Flexibility

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An Managed IT service professional showing the co-managed in-house IT how to work the cloud.

IT Service Management

Define what is maintained in-house and what is done by a third party. We become an extension of your business and let you focus on what you do best!

We provide a team of dedicated certified engineers that can support you 24/7, and assist with more complex technology situations.

Combine the benefits of having an in-house IT department with the modern resources of an external IT management service with the skills & technology to maximize performance.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Data automatically syncs across all your network. No matter the device you’re using or location, you can access your data and applications through our secure cloud hosting platform.

Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution adapts to address rapid industry compliance changes, while providing detailed cloud reports on your team’s activity across approved devices.

Features such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), activity logging, single sign-on & password management and encryption all on a private cloud allow for ease of workflow.

Nerds Support's Managed IT cloud solution provides secure and efficient business collaboration.
A cyber security IT professional defending client data using state of the art cloud security technology

Cyber Security & Network Management

Our email and spam protection services eliminate threats before they affect your network, blocking spam, ransomware, phishing attacks, viruses and other malware.

If your business is in an industry that requires data compliance for sensitive information, we help you stay up to date and protect data through appropriate storage & security measures.

We implement routine testing on all servers & devices to simulate how our systems would perform against a real disaster. Your strategy’s only as secure as the last time it was tested!

Business IT Consulting

We help in identifying gaps and areas of optimization in your existing IT infrastructure to drive business strategic planning.

We advise and consult on the latest trends in innovation to help reduce legacy technology waste and costs while increasing productivity and data security.

We adjust our technology plans based off your specific needs. Our goal is to provide Fortune 500-level IT knowledge, support and consulting for businesses of all sizes in any industry!

An IT professional provides IT consulting to a business owner about optimizing their technology strategy.
An IT professional creating a business continuity and backup plan to protect data against disasters.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Nerds Support provides complimentary IT audits where we review your current email, spam protection, and access your cyber security health. We also run a dark web audit where we check if your business data has already been compromised.

Then, we work with you and your team in analyzing your risk level and develop a plan that highlights steps to ensure your business doesn’t lose productivity during downtime.

With an effective backup solution and Managed IT Services, Nerds Support can ensure your most valuable business assets are safe. Our IT Support team is always ready to answer any cyber security questions and ensure your business operations are running before, during, and after a disaster.

We have been helping leading businesses secure their data for almost 2 decades. With Nerds Support, you have peace of mind knowing that all your information is safe and in the hands of Miami-based Microsoft Certified engineers. Hacker-Proof your firm today and eliminate the fear of a cyber attack.

VoIP Business Phone Services

Imagine having a customer call your business, only for the phone service to be down. Businesses of all sizes need best-in-class customer support, especially small and medium sized. Enhance the customer and employee experience through VoIP phone services to take your business to the next level.

With Automatic Call Distribution and Find-me, Follow-me features, you never have to lose a business opportunity from missing a call again!

With Auto-Attendant and daily Call Processing, you’ll always be connected no matter what, while always having access to call logs.

An IT professional provides support for VoIP business phone services.
An IT DevOps professional ensuring the cloud workflow & operations of a client run smoothly.

IT Automation & DevOps

Our goal is to decrease the high expense of automating and incorporating infrastructure systems to enable clients to simplify their IT infrastructure. Our products and options are connected, custom-tailored solutions that build bridges between cloud management and technologies.

We aim to combine all our Managed IT Services and integrate them into your IT workflow. Our Enterprise-level services include:

  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Cyber Security Network Monitoring
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • and Hosted Solutions

Let us attend to your IT obstacles and reveal how we can align our DevOps solutions to achieve your objectives. And with our 24/7/365 IT Support, you always have a team of certified engineers available to help you!

What IT Problems are You Having?

My current in-house IT is lacking

Our Co-Managed IT solution provides your in-house IT with extra skills & technology they need to effectively oversee your systems, saving your business time and money!

I’ve lost my data by accident or from a Cyber Attack

With our Data Backup and Business Planning solutions, we ensure your most valuable assets are safe before, during and after a disaster. We work with you in analyzing your risk level and then craft a plan with detailed steps to not lose future productivity.

My IT isn’t scaling with my business’ growth

We help you develop custom-tailored technology strategies that align with your business objectives. We assess the efficiency of your IT infrastructure to create effective synergy and secure its future growth at fixed monthly rate.

We keep running into Security or Compliance issues

We establish & verify benchmarks that consistently check your data’s security to meet FINRA, SEC, SOX, OCIE, SOC 1 & 2, HIPAA, HUD, GLB standards & other regulations. Nerds Support is also SOC 2 Certified, so we can prove we have the processes in place to give your business the peace of mind it deserves.

My team requires more work flexibility

Our Cloud Computing Solutions allow your team to securely work and collaborate from anywhere on any approved company device, while providing IT Support 24/7/365. Unify your firm’s business applications, websites, and files into one place!

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