4 Major Technology Trends To Look For In 2021

The COVID pandemic forced business to innovate as a result of the lock-down and shelter-in-place orders. Companies suddenly had to adapt to new digital technologies and develop protocols that helped them operate remotely. Now they must understand these technologies to function in a post pandemic world. AI, cloud, 5G and edge computing are changing industries across the board and creating opportunities in the coming digital era.

Cloud Computing Growth

The list of reason for avoiding a proper cloud migration process is getting smaller and smaller. Legacy systems are no longer practical when dealing with the unique problems brought about by the pandemic. Those that weren’t on the cloud were subject to halted productivity losing time and work. Prioritizing a wholesale digital transformation became the utmost priority when faced with a global pandemic. The cloud enabled access to applications, collaboration and provided a platform by which companies could continue to grow. Migration to the cloud will become more prevalent as companies prepare for the coming year. The inefficiencies of legacies systems along with the need for a proper work-from-home strategy will make it the tool for success in 2021. Managed IT services companies have seen a growth in terms popularity as more businesses that migrate require specific expertise to do so successfully. Managed IT services market in the US is projected to grow to $9 Billion by 2027, according to one study. In other words, that’s a 13.4% growth.

Edge Computing Is A Continuation Of The Cloud

Edge computing might be a new concept for a lot of people. The word edge here means geographic distribution of information. An edge computer is a computer that works at the “edge” of the data source. Instead of depending on cloud service to do all the work the edge infrastructure makes it possible for algorithms to run on a network close to or no the devices receiving the data. Network traffic has increased because of remote work and edge computing will be a response to that. Since more reliability on the network implies more stress on the servers running. The benefits to edge computing are increased efficiency and saving bandwidth. Rather than sending data to process at a central location, users can decrease the latency and accelerate processing power.

5G and Manufacturing

5G will be capable of processing millions of data-heavy applications and boost manufacturing with new digital capacity. 5G is an estimated 100 times faster than 4 G and by unlocking this new technology, the industry will shift to accommodate the “Internet of things” economy. 5G will be more reliable than its predecessor and ensure a stable network connection anywhere and at any time throughout the factory floor. Business critical processes will run more smoothly and securely as well. Experts say that 5 G might even enable communication between machines within the supply chain. Providing more accurate data and smoother run-time.

Increased Cyber Attacks to Expose Remote Networks

The COVID-19 crisis has created a unique opportunity for cybercriminals to ramp up their attacks. However, the majority of business owners think they have adequate cybersecurity. As businesses extract more and more valuable data for their clients and customers, they increase their risk of a cyber breach. Remote operations only make businesses more vulnerable to attack. Therefore, cybersecurity has become more crucial than ever before. 87 percent of businesses said investing in cybersecurity would actually increase profitability for their company, according to an Isaca study. So it’s not simply a matter of protecting your business but improving it altogether. While it’s crucial to have your business’s operations fully locked down, both companies and individuals need to have their digital periphery secured as well. Wi-Fi, emails, messages, data transfer — with anything your business does, you should look into ways to lock it down. It’s important to have your business running during this period lockdown. However, make sure you are not neglecting proper digital hygiene to protect it as well. Cyberattacks often target users not firewalls or networks. Maintaining vigilance over messages, emails, and passwords an prevent a severe breach from taking place. Companies like Nerds Support have invested in digital tools and cyber security technologies that facilitate that process. By tracking cyber-threats, optimizing controls and procedures, and creating a comprehensive cyber security strategy to ensure client networks stay secure. Businesses would benefit from IT consulting services as advisors will be needed in the coming years to assist in the transition to a more technology centered operation.
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Check out Nerds Support's Google reviews!
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