A building that uses cloud technology

5 Benefits of the Cloud

Growing a business can be very demanding. You have to balance between growth (scaling your processing, expanding your talent and assisting your customer base in more sustainable ways) and retaining the ingenuity and culture that differentiated your business in the first place.

This is a time, however, ripe with opportunity for growing businesses. The rise of cloud technology has revolutionized how enterprises operate.  The cloud has made it easier than ever to access the kinds of secure and effective programs that only the biggest businesses were privy to. And now, this technology is more affordable than ever. Growing businesses can use the cloud to collaborate remotely with greater efficiency and make strides in accomplishing completing their goals and projects. With the right guidance, you can operate your IT with efficiency while avoiding the baggage and pitfalls.

When that happens, many things are possible:

  1. Cost

The cloud, more specifically a private cloud, can start at a 12 percent annual costs savings compared to a public cloud.

Better IT doesnt have to mean a bigger budget

  1. Tighter Security

Cloud providers, like Nerds Support, can provide security that no small or medium-sized business firm can compete with. The cloud provides encryption and firewalls, automatic back-ups to patches and upgrades.

  1. Less admin

Cloud solutions are easy to implement and ongoing maintenance and management is handled by the cloud provider. Nerds Support has a dedicated team of IT specialists and engineers with over 30 years of experience working diligently to provide reliable solutions 24/7.

  1. Greater agility

Cloud contracts are more flexible than standard hardware contracts. A growing business needs a dynamic variety of IT solutions and, this way, can avoid being tied down to one solution for an undesired amount of time.

  1. Easier mobility

With everything available on the cloud, team members can operate remotely at any time from any location, allowing for sustainable work-life balance, if need be, without dropping productivity.

Adopting a Cloud Roadmap

The cloud, as we’ve seen, has wide-ranging benefits. That being said, it’s important to note how your specific business is going to utilize the cloud and its available features. Many growing businesses underestimate the need to incorporate a systemic plan to use the cloud.  They buy solutions as issues present themselves without thinking of a broader strategy.

Most businesses don’t even realize they are using a form a cloud, like Gmail or Microsoft OneDrive. Developing a plan means you can identify what you’re missing and plan accordingly to better collaborate, simplify remote working and make it a more efficient process.

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