Achieving Zen: Finding balance between Productivity vs Security and Compliance

These days, many IT professionals are stuck between a rock and a hard place. One minute, you’re struggling to maintain user productivity. The next, you’re trying to meet compliance and governance.

The problem is, this inner battle keeps intensifying and getting worse and worse. New technology such as the cloud and new workforce benefits, including employee mobility, work from any device policies and vendors that have access to your networks and information, are creating IT issues that never existed before.

It can be difficult, especially for a small or medium sized business, to keep up with both simultaneously.

What’s clear in all this activity is that a new approach to IT security is needed— and needed urgently. To succeed in this new modern, digital era, your security strategy must:

  • Protect your firms from cyber hacks and breaches
  • Prepare for compliance
  • Allow people to access the apps and data they need from any device, anytime
  • Ensure applications and data can be reached from any network connection and cloud environment
  • Reduce the risk associated with disruptions, have a business continuity plan in place

It’s also clear that traditional security is no longer effective for protecting organizations and keeping their data safe and hacker proof.

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Check out Nerds Support's Google reviews!
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