Microsoft Windows 10 Makes a Mess of its Newest Update

Microsoft struggles to get updates for its Windows 10 users up and running. In the past several months users encountered failures and a variety of error code warnings when installing updates. Since its launch in May, users reported issues with Bluetooth, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Microsoft has tried to remedy the issues the update created but it didn’t do enough and now the company issued a warning to Windows users. The company started displaying a warning to users running on this 1803 update. It read: “ You’re currently running a version of Windows that’s nearing the end of support. We recommend you update to the most recent version of Windows 10 now to get the latest features and improvements.”

This wouldn’t be an issue if Windows 10 1903 wasn’t so flawed and filled with bugs. However, Microsoft is now advising some users to not install the update because it might break the Windows Defenders Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) services.

Windows 10 Can’t Figure it Out

This is a problem for businesses also, considering the end-of-life period for Windows 7 is almost here. Microsoft advised Windows 7 users to migrate to the secure and monitored Windows 10 as support leave Windows 7 altogether. Many businesses like accounting and financial firms operate on Windows 7 and have done so for years. Migrating to a newer Windows program will be difficult and challenging, as these businesses learn to use the different features and setup offered with Windows 10.

Windows 10 1903 came out with a new update that is supposed to fix the bugs mentioned earlier. However, installing the update, according to Microsoft themselves, could create failures in the threat protection program. Now, this won’t impact Windows 10 consumer users, but it could create problems for those businesses who rely on Windows Defender ATP to protect them.

Windows has said it is “working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in mid- November 2019,” that still leaves businesses vulnerable. Flawed updates like this can lead to downtime for businesses relying on Windows 10 or Windows Defender ATP.

Managed IT & Software as a Service

Managed IT service providers that offer Software as a service (SaaS) install all software for the company they work with. In SaaS, the hosted application management model, the provider gives customers access software over the internet. The provider hosts the application in a data center and a customer accesses it through a web browser. Many industries use SaaS, Nerds Support, for example, provides cloud  SaaS solutions for accounting firms and financial services.  SaaS falls under the broad category of cloud computing, which continues to grow and develop in use and popularity.

In the case of cloud accounting or finance IT solutions, Nerds Support provides Microsoft office as part of its services. Moreover, The cloud provider updates and configures all applications provided to the user. SaaS is a popular service as it frees the company from managing the installation of programs like Windows on their own.

Microsoft Users, Don’t Worry

Microsoft’s faulty update will only impact devices in an “affected environment,” which are those running Windows 10 version 1809 or Windows Servers 2019 alongside Microsoft Defender ATP. Windows 10 Enterprise edition has Defender built in and it’s a useful, comprehensive antivirus and security tool, but that might change if you download the cumulative update.

This news might seem complicated if you’re a small or medium sized accounting firm. Maybe you don’t have the proper resources necessary to comb through the technicalities of these updates. But rest assured, not all 900 million users of Windows 10 are impacted by the update nor is it mandatory.

Cloud technology and Software-as- a- Service is becoming the pragmatic solution for businesses that want to focus on delivering their products or services to their clients and not have to worry about faulty updates. Many cloud providers offer to install, update, monitor and backup all applications a growing business needs to operate. Technical support for finance and accounting firms doesn’t just include software. There are even vendors that do Hardware-as-a-service as well. They take care of the installation, repair and maintenance of computers, monitors and all other hardware.

Microsoft’s code is complex, fragile and massive and maintaining it might prove challenging to say the least. That said, they should do a better job with Windows 10 considering it’s will be the default Windows program.

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