How to Utilize IT Consulting to Resolve Complex IT Issues

When it comes to the IT industry, terms come up that can be vague and confusing. Managed IT services, IT consulting, and Co-location services for example can seem simple enough. In reality, it is often difficult to guess as to what means what. Let’s take the opportunity to focus on IT Consulting.

What is IT Consulting?

IT consultants provide expert advice on the implementation and management of different technology. They are there to help individuals and businesses make strategic technology decisions and resolve challenges. Consultants might serve as a short-term virtual CIO and providing advice on IT strategy to a company that lacks in house IT expertise. In essence, IT consulting involves preparing clients to meet their goal by optimizing how they use technology.

What IT Consultants Do?

IT consulting services function as advisory services that help clients analyze different technology strategies in order to align them with business goals and processes. They provide strategic planning regarding operations, architecture and implementation. In other words, the consultant reviews your IT, your business, and your strategy to give you the best possible plan to maximize your efficiency. However, in order to do this the IT consultant has to work through several steps. They first interview their prospective client, collecting data and information as they meet. Then the IT consulting team review the data presented by the client. The team discusses a variety of subjects from cybersecurity to IT strategy according the needs and objectives of the potential client.

Types of IT Consulting

IT consultants work in the broader field of managed IT services. It consulting should, in this sense, be seen as a part of the IT services process. Typically, when a company is looking to migrate to a cloud based infrastructure the cloud provider needs to get a comprehensive understanding of their systems. A managed services provider (MSP) then on-boards the company onto the cloud and functions as a consultant for cloud-based applications.

Managed Service Providers

Managed services providers work with customers and clients to create an IT strategy according to what company objectives but also based on the IT analysis the MSP conducts in its consultation phase. MSP’s are established by engineers and technicians. Therefore, the consulting aspect of the process helps them better communicate with their nontechnical clients. Depending on the type industry the MSP specializes in, clients can range from medium, small to large enterprise firms. A managed services firm might specialize in a specific cloud platform also. Some firms focus on Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS or Workplace by OS33. Nerds Support, for example, focuses on accounting and financial services companies. As a result, we have taken the added steps towards achieving SOC II compliance. If a firm’s operation relies on sensitive client data, then there needs to be safeguards in place to secure that data. That is why it’s important to find an IT consulting or MSP company that focuses on your industry to create a compatible partnership instead of settling for any firm.

Related Fields

As we previously mentioned IT consulting has been incorporated into the Managed IT Services. However, other types of consulting also overlap with IT consulting in general. There are strategy consultants that provide expertise for a vast range of businesses related concerns. However, management consultants who work with clients to redesign current IT infrastructures and implement more practical processes.

The Importance of IT consulting

An IT consultant has specific and specialized knowledge. Relying on a consultant is practical when your firm is small or you require expertise on a short-term project and don’t want to hire a full-time employee. Furthermore, consultants are hired by a business to resolve problems and troubleshoot complicated systems. They perform these duties as advisors and can freely propose solutions that in-house personnel might be unable to suggest. IT consulting is quickly becoming more necessary as businesses migrate to the cloud to accommodate remote workers. In fact, IT consulting is projected to experience huge growth by 2027.  
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Check out Nerds Support's Google reviews!
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