What is Cloud Computing in Simple Terms?

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is cloud computing?”, “Explain cloud computing to a child”, or “What is cloud computing with example?”

Cloud computing is the delivery of computer services such as applications, data storage, networking and more through the Internet.

Cloud services are typically on demand and allow users to rent out services they need on a pay-as-you-go basis. One benefit of adopting cloud-based services is that businesses can avoid the burden of maintaining their own IT infrastructure. Cloud computing eliminates the expenses of buying hardware and software as well as running data centers and keeping an in-house IT staff.

Private vs Public Cloud

A cloud can also be public, private, or hybrid. A public cloud sells its services to anyone over the internet. Netflix, for example, uses a public cloud to provide its millions of users with streaming services. Lyft, Uber are more examples of companies that use the cloud to provide services to their riders.

Public clouds differ from private ones mainly in that your company isn’t responsible for any of the management of data or IT. Your data is stored in the cloud provider’s data center and the provider holds responsibility for maintenance and management of the data center. Your company won’t be in control of the security of a public cloud, but your data will remain separate and security breaches are less likely.

A private cloud server is a network or data center that supplies services to a limited number of people. Some characteristics of private clouds are that a business’s data center delivers to its internal users.  This can be a good option for companies who already have data centers because they can utilize their current infrastructure. For example, Nerds Support has a private cloud in a secure data center where businesses can store their data without the worry of being hacked. Our private cloud is stored in Downtown Miami, in a secure, category 5 hurricane-proof building with two-factor authentication and backup generators. A lot more secure than having servers on premise.

Lastly, Hybrid clouds combine public and private clouds, working together through technology that allows data and applications to be shared between them. Hybrid clouds are used by some financial and law firms. They use a public cloud for some web-based emails and social media, but use a private cloud for confidential client information and financial reporting.

Cloud computing supports a variety of services. It ranges from running applications that share photos on social media to facilitating critical business operations and data management. It provides a simple way to access servers, database storage, and a broad range of application services over the Internet.

A Cloudy Forecast?

Typically, many small and medium sized businesses are drawn to the big names in the industry. However, a B2B cloud solution, such as Nerds Support’s private cloud, provides a more customized service for your SMB. With Nerds Support’s cloud solutions, you will be more than just a number and have 1 to 1 US based help in 12 minutes or less. Luckily, Nerds Support’s private cloud is never down! Where else can you call the CEO to complain?

As mentioned above, maintenance of hardware, software, and networks fall on the cloud service provider. Businesses, therefore, don’t need to worry about things like security and upgrades. This saves money on IT staff, reduces overall costs and increases productivity. Cloud computing lets you focus on your own customers, rather than on sustaining and powering IT servers.

Access to cloud-based solutions from anywhere with an internet connection combined with the adoption of smartphones and faster mobile networks have given users the ability to access cloud-based solutions from anywhere at any time on any device. Since the data isn’t stored internally within a company with the cloud, if there’s an electrical issue like a power-outage due to a storm, a company can continue to work from home or even on mobile. Organizations then have the flexibility to move workloads to or from the cloud.

This is imperative in hurricane prone areas such as South Florida. During hurricanes many organizations are running to move racks of servers at last minute. Oftentimes, putting their data at risk and not being able to work before, during and after a hurricane. With the cloud, this would not be an issue because everything is over the internet and employees can work from anywhere on any device.

Nerd Support provides Cloud computing services from technology deployment to security, upgrades and maintenance to give your company the freedom to focus on your business objectives. Move to the cloud and increase your productivity. Find out more about B2B cloud computing solutions by downloading our e-book or contacting us.

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Check out Nerds Support's Google reviews!
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