Channel Futures MSP501 2021 Award Winner

Nerds Support is a Top 40 MSP in the World on the MSP501!

Nerds Support has been recognized as one of the premier Managed Services Providers (MSP) on the 14th annual Channel Futures MSP501 rankings for 2021, ranking in the Top 40 of all MSP’s in the world! Our team is proud to have been granted this honor for the third year in a row.

In 14 years, the MSP501 has grown from a competitive ranking list to an eclectic group of service providers, vendors, distributors and industry analysts that now define the managed services industry. And this year it was reported to have received the most applicants for the list since this award was founded!

Channel Futures MSP501 Ranking

MSP’s across the world complete an extensive survey and application reporting their services, rate-of-growth, annual total and recurring revenues, pricing structure and more to determine their eligibility. MSP’s are ranked using a unique methodology developed by Channel Futures that weighs revenue figures according to how well the applicant’s business strategy predicts and adapts to trends and growth within the industry.

Especially after last year with the boom in remote work technology, many companies experienced growth, so this growth’s significance is only amplified further.

Nerds Support’s History

Nerds Support is a Miami-based managed IT services company that provides IT consulting, support, cloud computing, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cyber security support to a variety of industries, specializing in manufacturing, logistics, financial/wealth management and CPA firms. Scott Richman founded Nerds Support in 2004, hoping to provide small to medium sized businesses the assets need to gain a competitive edge by the strategic use of IT and support technologies.

Using his knowledge as a Microsoft Certified systems engineer, Scott built infrastructures unique to each of his clients and partners to provide them with a fully functioning IT services department. In the 17 years since its founding, Nerds Support has become the reliable partner of now successful companies, and as they have grown, so have we. The success of Nerds Support’s partners & clients has coincided with our own, because our their success is Nerds Support’s as well.

Nerds Support now has a thriving team of industry systems engineers and IT professionals with a combined 30+ years of experience in Technologies support, services and security. “We have a real passion for helping our clients,” said Scott. “We want to make sure our clients have the IT infrastructure, tools, and support they need to succeed and develop in a world that’s becoming more reliant on technology.”

That is why Nerds Support was ranked “…among the most elite, innovative and strategic IT services providers on the planet,” according to Kris Blackmon, Content Director of Channel Partners & Channel Futures.

The 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in South Florida

Nerd Support Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies

SFBJ 2019 Fastest Growing Companies


Nerds Support was named among the top 10 fastest growing companies with a revenue under $25 million by the South Florida Business Journal.

300 people gathered at Jungle Island in Miami to honor South Florida private companies that had the highest revenue growth in the last two years. Usually the ranking would be among the top 50 companies but, this year it was split into two categories: those with revenue over 25 million and those with revenue under.

The ceremony took place at Jungle Island’s Bloom Ballroom. Honorees of the award come from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm beach counties.

With Scott’s 15 years of leadership, Nerds Support comes highly recommended by their clients for its expertise in IT Services and Cloud Solutions. Even though Scott is the CEO, when you hire his team, you also get him as another asset for your company. Essentially, Scott becomes part of your company and you can feel secure in knowing that he’s always watching out for your technology needs and giving all the best and greatest solutions possible.

The award and ranking are the latest among several awards Nerds Support has won for it’s rapid growth in its sector. The award itself doesn’t mean much to Scott and his team, it’s what the award represents beyond the recognition.

Nerds Support’s believes its biggest achievements have been its contribution to the South Florida community. As it grows in profits and size, it gains the resources needed to help even more companies thrive and grow themselves. The goal for Nerds Support has always been to help small businesses and make a greater impact to the community as a result. As Nerds Support works with its partners, they grow and make profits. As that happens, the hope is these companies hire more employees, stimulate the local economy and South Florida improves and changes.

CEO Scott Richman Accepting the Fast 50 Award

This company has never lost a client and it’s never met an issue it couldn’t resolve. This award is a testament to the work ethic and tenacity Scott has put into building up Nerds Support into an enterprise that will make a difference in South Florida.

The belief in community and the growth of small business exists because of Scott’s background. He started with a passion for computers and a vision for what they could do. Spending many long nights devoting himself to  the company that exists today, he understands the challenges, pressures and demands small businesses have on a daily basis.

The award means Nerd Support’s services are valued and it’s doing the job it has always intended on doing: helping businesses grow as fast as possible. If you’re interested in reading the full press release, click here.

Found out why Nerd Support is consistently being recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in South Florida for yourself. Visit our website here.

Nerds Support won CRN Fast Growth 150 award

Nerds Support is Growing!

CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has added Nerds Support to its “Fastest Growth 150 list”. The list recognizes, among other things, the fastest-growing tech and IT consultants in North America.  The providers who have made the list experienced large growth between 2017 and 2018. Those who make it to the list generate a combined total revenue of more than $55 billion in the past two years.

The Channel Company is an IT focused media company that provides media, research, consulting, sales and marketing services to the Information technology industry. Constant change and developing IT software means developers are in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment. IT providers are therefore expected to continuously adapt to ever changing requirements. That is why growth and profitability within this industry are difficult and noteworthy achievements.

Bob Skelly, CEO of The Channel Company, said the recipients of the award are an example of what an IT services company can achieve in spite of the highly competitive and evolving environment. “There’s a great deal of growth and opportunity within the channel,” he said. “These companies are proof positive that hard work and commitment to the service can pay off.”

Nerds Support came a long way since its nascent days in a cramped living room inside of the CEO Scott Richman’s house. In the years since its founding, Nerds Support has recruited a team of highly skilled software engineers with a combined experience of over 40 years, operating and managing IT and cloud based services. Its growth has meant several new additions to the team, including but not limited to, two interns to assist with website development and an additional software engineer to meet growing demand for the Nerds Support touch.

Nerds Support hopes it continues to grow so that it may contribute to its community in South Florida. It’s dedicated to helping small and medium size businesses grow in today’s tech dependent world of networks and software dependency. It wants to grow so that it may continue helping others grow in the process. To view the full list, click here. Also, to view the official Press Release for this announcement, click here.

There are more changes coming to Nerds Support and its team. To learn more about IT or Nerds Support, visit our meet the team page.